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Water Ceremony with Dr. Masaru Emoto

This is an incredible union of Resonance.     
 I shared a facebook event on Monday 
March 28, 2011 with my little facebook group                 
Never under estimate the power of small things, because, in only 3 days, collectively our group sent out 350,000 invites with over 44,000 "attendees".    The facebook event is called         "Water Ceremony with Dr Masaru Emoto"  

This is a personal request from Dr Masaru Emoto for the World to join him in a Global Prayer. Anyone can join right from where you are at noon your local time this will create a surge of resonance with the intention to wrap around the world with momentum. From every cell in your body to every other drop of water on the planet resonating and changing the structure of water. This clip, in my opinion is an excellant explanation how everything is effected by vibration, everything is created by sound vibration. A prayer creates vibration and the water is the messenger. We are water  "Sound Vibration Creates Form"  

We received such an incredible response, resonating with people from all over the world, requesting for the prayer to continue. I created a new group "Water Ceremony with Masaru Emoto" where Dr Emoto will continue Daily Prayer Messages and other Wate Ceremonies all over the world. It is such a beautiful thing, people from all over the world connecting their hearts and minds together. Below are Dr Emoto's Daily Prayers and personal messages to the people of the world. 

Please join us and the world in a Global Prayer with Dr Masaru Emoto. 
Please say Dr Emoto's word of prayer either, aloud or in your mind. 
Repeat three times as you put your hands together in a prayer position. 
Please offer your sincere prayer (pure vibration)

Dr Masaru Emoto's Global Prayers:

Monthly Global Prayer 

April 11. 2011 “The Grand Invocation” the word of prayer:
“Uchu no Mugen no Chikara ga Kori Kotte, Makoto no Daiwa no Miyo ga, Nari Natta.” (This means: The eternal power of the Universe has gathered itself to create the world with true and grand harmony.)

Daily Global Prayers:
April 10, 2011 To all water on this planet earth, we respect you, love you and appreciate you. We are sorry for having ignored you until now. Please forgive us, We thank you, And we love you.

April 9, 2011 We came to the earth from outer space as water. When we return, we will go back as water again. So, let’s thank water and give love to it. "Water, we are sorry, Please forgive us, We thank you, And we love you."

April 8, 2011 The universe is water, and we are the microcosm, and we are water. Therefore, when we learn what water is, we learn about ourselves and the mystery of universe. And to know about water, Water, we are sorry, Please forgive us, We thank you, And we love you.

April 7, 2011 Let’s listen to the voice of all plants and animals on the earth and talk with them.
They are made of water as well as we are. To plants and animals, We are sorry, Please forgive us, We thank you, And we love you.

April 6, 2001 The word of the prayer,
Presently water and oil can’t be mixed. However, I trust that they will be mixed with each other when we offer love and gratitude to water and oil. Let’s offer thoughts of love and gratitude to oil in the ground of the world. "To oil-san, we are sorry, Please forgive us, We thank you,
And we love you.

April 5, 2011 The word of the prayer,
To all people on the earth, we are water. Let’s become one by offering love and gratitude to water. Water is what connects everything. (To yourself) "I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I thank you,
And I love you."

April 4, 2011 The word of the prayer,
"To the deity of water, dragon deity, 
that is deep in off the coast of eastern Japan area, 
We are sorry, Please forgive us, We thank you, And we love you.

April 3, 2011 The word of prayer,
"The radiation leakage problem of Fukushima Nuclear Plant has been solved. 
To officers of US Military Forces, Japanese Self-Defense, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and all the Staff, 
We thank you very much. To their beloved families, we are sorry, please forgive us, we thank you, and we love you."

April 2, 2011 The word of the prayer,
"To all the souls of the victims from the disaster in eastern Japan, 
We are sorry, Please forgive us, We thank you, And we love you."

April 1, 2011 The word of the prayer,
“To the water facing towards Fukushima Nuclear Plant, 
We are sorry. please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you.”

Messages from Dr Masaru Emoto


My suggestion to everyone:
April 11, 2011 will be one month from March 11th when the massive earthquake, massive tsunami and nuclear plant accident occurred.

It doesn’t seem to me that the disaster of this time was a mere disaster. I feel that it is the beginning of the catastrophe phenomenon that has been the subject among people in this past recent years. So, even though the reactor problem is once solved this time, it’s possible that new difficult problems will affect us one after another.

Come to think of it, the 9-11 attacks occurred on September 11th, 2001. We could say that, for the citizens of the planet earth, it was the first day when the catastrophe happened. And 10 years after 9-11 was March 11th 2011 when the second catastrophe affected us in my country, Japan.

Now I have a suggestion for all.

Let’s make 11th of each month “The Day of Prayer for the Peace on Earth” and let’s pray hand-in-hand all together for the peace on Earth.

At noon on the 11th, local time, please say the following words either, aloud or in your mind. Repeat three times as you put your hands together in a prayer position. Please offer your sincere prayer (pure vibration)

“The Grand Invocation” the word of prayer:

“Uchu no Mugen no Chikara ga Kori Kotte, Makoto no Daiwa no Miyo ga, Nari Natta.” (This means: The eternal power of the Universe has gathered itself to create the world with true and grand harmony.)

This is the Kotodama -spiritual power of words - that Dr. Nobuo Shioya created for peace on earth. Dr. Shioya is said to be the reincarnation of Laozi, philosopher of ancient China, and I highly respect him. He was an admirable medical doctor who served as a primary physician of the Empress, Showa Emperor’s wife”.

Dr. Shioya passed away about 5 years ago at the age of 106. While he was alive, he said to me that he was wishing that 10% of the whole people in the entire world would chant the Great Invocation. He was the last Japanese hsien (meaning enlighted person, mountain hermits) and devised these words since he was concerned that we would face the catastrophe.

So, let’s call out to people around you and chant the words of the Great Invocation on every 11th at noon to prepare for the catastrophe.

With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto
投稿者 Emoto Peace Project 時刻: 16:11 0 コメント

To All People Around the World,
My message went around the whole world with tremendous speed, and the feedback of resonance which so many people participated in the prayer to water returned to me. The number of the feedbacks that I know for certain is at least more than 100,000.

As a matter of fact, it is important that we make this movement grow bigger and let many more friends learn about it. So I would like to continue to do the water ceremony for Fukushima Nuclear Plant for 10 more days, and will offer the prayer every day at noon between the 1st and the 10th of April with you all.

To refresh our conscious mind of everyday prayer, please let me suggest that we change the words each day. From many ideas and opinions that so many people have given me, I would like to select one to inform you.

The word of prayer of today, April 1st, 2011
Prayer Time: 12:00pm - noon (your local time)
You can do this from where ever you are.

Please say the following phrase three times it aloud or in your mind. Please offer your sincere prayer (pure vibration)

"To all the souls of the victims from the disaster in eastern Japan,
We are sorry,
Please forgive us,
We thank you,
And we love you."

Thank you very much from my heart.

With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto
Messenger of Water


To All People Around the World,

Please send your prayers of love and gratitude to water at the nuclear plants in Fukushima, Japan!

By the massive earthquakes of Magnitude 9 and surreal massive tsunamis, more than 10,000 people are still missing…even now… It has been 16 days already since the disaster happened. What makes it worse is that water at the reactors of Fukushima Nuclear Plants started to leak, and it’s contaminating the ocean, air and water molecule of surrounding areas.

Human wisdom has not been able to do much to solve the problem, but we are only trying to cool down the anger of radioactive materials in the reactors by discharging water to them.

Is there really nothing else to do?

I think there is. During over twenty year research of hado measuring and water crystal photographic technology, I have been witnessing that water can turn positive when it receives pure vibration of human prayer no matter how far away it is.

Energy formula of Albert Einstein, E=MC2 really means that Energy = number of people and the square of people’s consciousness.

Now is the time to understand the true meaning. Let us all join the prayer ceremony as fellow citizens of the planet earth. I would like to ask all people, not just in Japan, but all around the world to please help us to find a way out the crisis of this planet!!

The prayer procedure is as follows.

Start Day and Time:
March 31st, 2011 (Thursday)
12:00pm - noon in each time zone (your local time)

Please say the following phrase:
“The water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, we are sorry to make you suffer. please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you.”

Please say it aloud or in your mind. Repeat it three times as you put your hands together in a prayer position. Please offer your sincere prayer.

Thank you very much from my heart.

With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto
Messenger of Water

Daily report of the activities the water messenger, Masaru Emoto and his team bringing shapes of love and gratitude to people in afflicted areas by the catastrophe in Tohoku and Kanto area of Japan. Click o Follow and Support Dr Emoto's Blog 

We are sincerely filled with love and gratitude with the world participating with us in offering our sincere prayers.
I will continue to send Dr Emoto's Monthly Prayer, so that we may all stay united and continue to spread Hado, Pure Vibration, Resonance ♥

Dr Emoto's preferred prayer for his Water Ceremony is the Gran Invocation (above) and the Ho'opono opono prayer. A very well know powerful energy shifting/healing Hawaiian prayer. "I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you."

When I first met Dr Emoto he pulled out three tuning forks from his bag. Two of these forks were the same, 440hz, and the other was 442hz. He hit each one by itself and after each one he looked at me with a straight face he said, "Same?" and I replied, "same". Each one had sounded exactly the same.

Then he hit the two (same) 440hz tuning forks at the same time and after, once again he said, "Same?" and again, it sounded exactly the same as when he hit each tuning fork by itself, no different, I then again replied, "same".

Finally he hits the 440hz and the 442hz at the same time. and this time it was different, instead of the same sweet note the others carried when he struck the fork, this time, the sound made a sound the sounded like, "wahawhawha" type of sound. Still with a straight face, he looked at me a final time and said....
"You and I Resonate!

I am a Hado Instructor, trained by Dr Emoto. We have the intention in organizing a US Hado School this fall 2011. If anyone is interested in becoming a Hado Instructor, please join our Hado Instructor Group and I will make an announcement once we have more information.

With love & gratitude ♥
Lindsay Noel Kemp
Love Bottle Co
Hado Instructor
Office Masaru Emoto USA

This is a link to the photos everyone in this group has posted. Thank You for your love and gratitude!

I like this clip to demonstrate how vibration creates form. As the frequency changes, and it resonates, the form changes. Saying a prayer creates vibration, Dr Emoto's work shows us that water has memory and is effected by vibrational energy. (HADO)

We are all connected by water, in the word, with all living things, including ourselves, We are water.


"Sound Creates Form"

Sunday, August 1, 2010

bye bye old food groups & food pyramid ... HELLO up to date healthy Food Plate!

When I sat down in one of my favorite restaurant in Ft Lauderdale, Sublime and picked up a copy of the "Good Medicine" magazine  put out from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). I can't begin to tell you how HAPPY I was to see this new rendition of the basic food groups!
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Friday, June 18, 2010

do you know emoto?

Do you remember learning in science class that all matter is vibrating at a certain frequency? Well... words, pictures and music also have vibrational energy. 

Dr. Masaru Emoto is the man behind the research that demonstrates the effects of vibrational energy and water. 

This is my Emoto Photo... I feel so blessed to have met and spent several evenings over dinner with Dr. Masaru Emoto.  We had truly an AMAZING time!

Dr. Masaru Emoto is an internationally renowned Japanese researcher and a doctor of Alternative Medicine. Graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University's Department of Humanities and Sciences with a focus on International Relations, and received certification as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine from the Open International University.

Dr. Emoto undertook extensive research of water around the planet and has gained worldwide acclaim through his ground-breaking research and discovery that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness.Emoto's research has visually captured the effects of energy changing the molecular structure of water, through high-speed photography. Emoto has shown the direct consequences of destructive thoughts and the thoughts of love and appreciation in the formation of water crystals.

On June 6, 2010 I was honored to present Dr Emoto at Chicago's Health Freedom Expo. Where he spoke for two hours about his life long work with water. After the presentation we had a short Q & A with a book and bottle signing! That's right he was signing the bottles.... AWESOME!

During Emoto's presentation, he held up one of the bottles, and explained that using a glass bottle was the BEST conductor to create beautiful water crystals. Emoto labels the water in his experiments but also told me that is not needed to effect the water. That the vibrational energy from just your thoughts is actually much stronger.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Enlighten Your Bottle Mind & Spirit - Is your water bottle safe?

We know that the single serving plastic water bottle is bad for the planet and bad for your health. Thank god reusable bottles are becoming more and more popular. BUT... what if your reusable bottle is good for the planet but NOT so good for you?

What kind of bottle do you have?


Did you know that even the "said to be safe" reusable bottles may be good for the planet and may NOT be so good for you. What about your reusable stainless steel water bottles.. is it safe? 
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

why even bother to constant comment ?

The effects of my constant comments are reflected in this letter I received below. For those of you who know me, you know I am constantly commenting on how conscious choice making can impact your life and well being. Some may find my constant comments a bit annoying. For me, I see it as caring enough to speading the truth. One thing that comes up in most of my conversations is my recommendation for others to read one of the most  comprehensive studies on nutritions ever conducted...The China Study. For as many eye rolls I get from disbelievers or other people who just want to continue to remain disconnected...   this letter one makes it worth my every breath.

Monday, February 8, 2010

the cinnamon snail

Got to love... THE CINNAMON SNAIL, The nation's first organic vegan food truck, will be launched in Hoboken, New Jersey on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010 and soon to service the folks in Brooklyn .
The truck will be serving a level of sophistication not often seen on food trucks. Not your typical fried food and the "same old" veggie burger or falafel fare vegetarians have come to expect as street food. Instead, the menu will feature incredibly creative, high quality, nurishing organic vegetarian cuisine. All prepared strictly without the use of any animal products, processed, artificial ingredients with an emphasis on sourcing the finest fresh organic ingredients available. All packaging used will be 100% biodegradable and compostable made from corn, sugarcane bagasse, and recycled paper printed with soy based inks. Now that is some fine conscious choice making!

Seeing is believing,but tasting is living...  feast your eyes on one of the Cinnamon Sails dishes pictured here: Apple Cider Glazed Tempeh with Rosemary Root Vegetable Puree topped with Matchstick Fried Parsnip & Marinated Kale. Not only have you never seen food like this from a food truck, trust me when I tell you that you will have a tough time finding a comparison in taste even from your local restaurants. With mouth-watering offerings such as a Smokey Portabello Carpaccio on Semolina Fennel Bread with Kalamata Olive Tapenade, Arugula and Capers, or Hempseed Crusted Tofu with Spicy French Mustard Dressing over White Truffle Mashed Potatoes, Greens, and Rosemary Bread Pudding. The Cinnamon Snail hasn't forgot about options to satisfy a gluten-free, macrobiotic, or even a raw food diet.

Friday, January 1, 2010

conscious contents

current conscious topic:
What is energy medicine... the medicine of the future

consciously creating awareness
“what is needed is some person, some institution, some inescapable “force” that captures the imagination of our citizens and demonstrate that cancer and other diseases will be eliminated only when each of us comes to understand that this can only occur as a part of a lifelong process of sanity, balance, moderation, and self respect.”
- Dr. Charles Simone M.MS.,M.D.

conscious medicine... is preventative medicine

- do you know what functional medicine is? The Institute of Functional Medicine, IMF … changing they way we do medicine

- dr simone's ten point plan to decrease your risk of cancer and heart disease cancers incld; breast, endometrial, prostate, colon, and rectal

- alkalize or die... the pH nutrition guide to acid/alkaline balance

- why sanoviv? ... no place like it in the world. the hospital of the future.

- what to expect at sanoviv... my sanoviv program and the sanoviv diet

- cancer cured naturally… a true story. my friend Tom's prostate cancer cure story and all natural protocol from sanoviv medical institute.

- russian roulette anyone? cancer odds & treatment risks

- the AMAS test... A safe early detection cancer test... with NO side effects! A simple blood test... imagine that!!! Which is 95% accurate the 1st time and 99% accurate the second time... with ONLY a 3% false positive. This test will tell you if you have ANY cancer in your body.

- have you ever googled for a natural remedy and cure and the "quackwatch" site popped up???? well.... pssst… quackwatch is quackery… pass it on!

- what is codex alimentarius? If you don’t know we’re in BIG trouble!

conscious eating... is eating for living

- the best superfood choice, green foods. understand exactly what is good, very good, better, best, and the very best ... it’s your choice

- conscious eating... raw foods; easier and better than cooking. if you say it is hard... it will be hard and if you say it is easy it will be easy because... what you believe becomes your truth

- cook with out cooking - raw recipes and inspiration by adam sobel

- hemp… eat it don’t smoke it. raw organic shelled hemp seed, the single item i can not live with out... delicious and PACKED with protein and omegas!

- move over eggs & bacon... make room for a healthy conscious breakfast. my weekend special scramble

- living without - consciously substituting for eggs, dairy, gluten & refined sugar for all of your cooking and baking.

- hey coffee drinker... consciously choose something better, the delicious health alternative. Dandy Blend - this is actually better tasting than coffee & good for you!

- 99% guilt free chocolate ganache cake - this one is the BEST... from the down to earth chefs & the "you won't believe its vegan" cookbook.

- Got gas??? Food combining… one of these thing does not go with the other. read this instead if medicating your symptoms with tums or other medicines

conscious detox... is natural and builds your immune

- healthy water healthy body - my water filter choice... I LOVE IT!

- when people say you are full of it.. it may be true if you do not go every time you eat. which means... clean out your ears and open your eyes… even better… clean out your colon. a colonic is the safest most natural and best way to start the cleansing process. read hear for all of your questions you could possibly have on colonics.

- the detox miracle sourcebook... literally the bible for natural detox immune building diet. the book is A to Z and doesn't skip a beat.

- if you have amalgam fillings... toxins are going directly into your bloodstream if you don't get that metal out of your mouth!

- bouncing magic... a simple and quick and easy way to cleanse every cell in your body. visualize for a moment a balloon filled with water. hold the balloon by its stem and observe how gravity pulls on the water, slightly stretching the balloon. now move your hand rapidly up and down and observe how the extra gravitational force causes the balloon to significantly stretch and distort. when you bounce up and down on a rebounder, this is what happens to every cell in your body.

- chi-force living the 7 disciplines... one on my daily conscious choices

- want the best work out? .....get a kettlebell. works more muscles than you knew you had.

consciously non toxic... it means through out... non toxic body, mind, spirit, home, and environment. it is your choice choose wisely.

- do you know the EWG? it is the Environmental Working Group who uses the power of public information to protect public health and the environment. rate your products... how toxic is your shampoo, lotion, shaving cream, and even your make up!

- the dirty secrets of what makes you clean... know that when you brush your teeth with toothpaste it has pesticides in it. read more shocking beauty secrets!

- more compost less work... and less waste environmentally and naturally fertilize your garden.

- our planet in our hands... when doing home improvements... consciously choose your paint not just the color!

conscious resources... know the truth & consciously choose

the china study - on the top of the pyramid of health books the one has 27 YEARS or research backing its studies. by cornell university nutritionist t. collin

the detox miracle source book literally the bible for natural detox immune building diet. the book is A to Z and doesn't skip a beat.

cancer confidential You don't need to have or have had cancer to benefit from this info. In fact, you can prevent it in advance by your lifestyle choices.

Blog Catalog is a blog directory that I have listed my blog in order to create more awareness. Another way is for you to sign on as a follower and share my blog with others... one person at a time the world can and will be a healthier place.

Thank you for visiting my blog... I hope that your consciousness has expanded during your visit.