Monday, August 3, 2009

detox miracle sourcebook

Many of you know I am a HUGE fan of Hippocrates Health Institute and Sanoviv Medical Institute where I had an incredible experience detoxing and building my immunity.

For those of you interested in a program like this to revitalize every system of your body, maximize the healing power of nature, cleanse toxins and or heal the causes of disease BUT you do not have the time of money to go to a place like Hippocrates or Sanoviv. I would like to introduce to you...

The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse N.D.

The Detox Miracle Sourcebook shows you how to cleanse your body of the poisons that are destroying your health, and start the process of complete cellular regeneration that leads to true healing. Based on 30 years of clinical experience, treating thousands of people with conditions ranging from OVERWEIGHT to CANCER, Dr. Robert Morse reveals his ultimate healing system - the Detox Miracle!

The following is the introduction from The Detox Sourcebook:

Welcome to a fantastic journey into vitality. Health is one of our greatest assets, and many refer to the body as a temple, or a vehicle that carries around the true Self while we are on this planet. However, we often treat our cars better than we treat out bodies. (this is an example that I have been using for years, so I am sold in the 1st paragraph)

The information contained in this book was not taken from double-blind studies, from misconstrued facts and figures of treatment agencies, or from "bought and paid for" scientific research. i wrote this book based on thirty years of self experience, and from clinical observation of thousand years of self- experience, and from clinical observation of thousands of patients who used my programs to overcome their toxic conditions and disease.

Basically, we have two choices to make when we develop a condition or disease: treatment or detoxification. If we choose treatment, we have two additional choices. The first choice is allopathic medicine, which is status-quo medical or chemical approach. The second choice is natural (traditional) medicine, which uses products made from natural sources of herbs to treat the symptoms. If we choose the allopathic approach to "fight" our disease, it is important to understand that allopathic medicine offers only three types of treatment for any condition: chemical medicines, radiation or surgery.

Pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money developing drugs and training medical (allopathic) doctors in how to use these chemical medicines in the presence of disease. But, "curing" the disease (in the sense of removing its cause, not just its symptoms) is not a part of this approach - which is a totally a "treatment" - based modalitiy. Chemical medicines are used for everything from simple headaches and fevers to degenerative conditions, like Parkinson's disease or cancer.

The second form of treatment in allopathic medical procedures is some type of burning or radiation. This is used in most diagnostic procedures (x-rays, for example) and some treatment procedures, especially but not limited to cancer.

The third procedure that the allopathic medical profession can use to treat a problem or condition is surgery. Surgery is the simply the removal of the "bad" tissue that is causing the problem. If the disease is cancer of the breast, simply remove the breast and the patient is "cured".

Natural medicine, or what I refer to as "traditional medicine," differs from the allopathic approach. Natural medicine simply treats disease with a natural products (those made from animal, plant or mineral substances) or herbs, which are found in nature. The science of natural medicine has been around for hundred of thousand of years, at one level or another. (Chemical medicine only 125 yrs old)

Most of the substances used in natural medicine have no damaging side effects, while most chemical medicines have some degree of harmful side effects. However, it is fair to say that some natural products used without the proper wisdom can still create harm. Supplementing calcium in the presence of a parathyroid weakness, for example, results in a stone formation or excessive free calcium. In general, the diagnostic procedures used in natural medicine including iridology, kinesiology, pulsing, hair or tissue analysis, and many others are none invasive and not harmful to the patient whatsoever.

Most health care systems today, including allopathic, naturopathic and homeopathic medicine, are treatment-based modialities. Treating symptoms never cures the "causes." Until a genuine cure has been effected, we will always be suffering in some form. The alternative to treatment is True Naturopathy (detoxification) a little known science of nature that has been used for hundreds of years, by hundreds of thousands of people and animals worldwide. It has restored health and vitality to their physical, emotional and mental bodies. Detoxification encompasses the science of chemistry, biochemistry, botanical science and physics, and had always been at the heart of true healing. For that reason, detoxification should be at the heart of natural medicine today, but has been forgotten in our modern world of "treatment."

Detoxification is not a system of treatment or way to remove symptom; it is a system of curing by addressing the cause of the disease. It involves the understanding that the body is the healer, and that energy is at the core of healing. It also sheds a light on the true cause of disease - the destruction of energy. Energy or the destruction of energy results from what we eat, drink, breathe, put on our skin, and from what we think and feel. These are six ways we either make ourselves healthy and vital, or sick and weak.

Naturopathy is the purest form of healing. Its procedures and diagnostic tools are all totally non-invasive, and at its core are alkalization and detoxification, which is explained in great depths throughout the book. The Detox Miracle Sourcebook is about this second opinion, true healing through detoxification and its related sciences. However, the approach taken here never puts science above the power of God and nature, as science is only the study of what already is.

My success with true detoxification in chronic and degenerative issues has been recognized worldwide. Out of 100 people who come to us with various types of cancer, approximately 70 percent cure themselves, 20 percent can't do the program and 10 percent are too advanced or don't want to live. Our success with regerneration in spinal cord injuries is also phenomenal: a thirty-two year old female, who had severed her upper cervical spine (a C3-C4 spinal cord severation) twelve years previously, came into out clinic. In eleven months she had complete feeling and movement throughout her body. A young Amish man who had a tractor accident, which left him a quadriplegic at the C4-C5 level, in six months had total feeling in his toes.

One of the hardest parts of this program is working with the mind. Like a computer, you get out what you put in. This book will supply you with the most up-to-date and thorough information you need to feed your mind and thus educate yourself about the miraculous healing system of your body. It will cover some physiology, chemistry, physics and nutrition all in a way that you can understand and immediately use. It will also encourage you to "change your mind" from one of toxic thinking to one of natural and pure thinking.

Most people live to eat; I would like you to start thinking about eating to live, and this book will show you how to do that. What you eat has a direct effect upon your health, and I have proven this year-in and year-out on hundred clients. I have seen cancer, time and time again, cleaned out of the body. Also, diabetes, coronary artery disease and arthritis all eliminated. I have seen spinal cord injuries reconnect and nerve damage from strokes, multiple sclerosis and the like, heal.

There is no magic or mystery to health or disease. Disease is a natural process! When we understand how the body works, and what causes the tissues in the body to fail, we will then understand what causes disease symptoms, and how to reverse it.

This book will take you on a journey with many important steps along the way. You will learn about the species your physical body comes from; how your body works; the nature of disease. And finally, what health is. One of the premises of this book is that health is really very simple, yet we spend a large part of out time and money trying to achieve it. The Detox Miracle Sourcebook will help you understand your species, and encourage you toward eating in harmony with your anatomical, physiological and biochemical processes. This will give you vitality and a disease-free life.

Allow yourself the time and discipline to become alive again through detoxification! Put your heart, self-discipline and soul into it. Detoxification will be one of the greatest things you do for yourself in your lifetime.

Note: as this book was written for the healthcare practitioner and lay person alike, some chapters are more scientifically based than others. For myself, I say, "Keep it simple!" Pass over those chapters that might confuse you at first. Come back later and read them to better understand your body and how it works. Your body is a very complex machine, but keeping it healthy is very simple.


1. Natural (nature's) health is NOT alternative medicine. Natural Health is traditional medicine.

2. Nature's way is hundreds of thousands of years old. chemical medicine is only 125 years old.

3. Since the advent of chemical medicine, disease has skyrocketed.

4. Medicine should only consist of natural remidies that alkalize, clean and regenerate the body.


As you prepare to the information presented in the book, here is an overview. This is what is takes to be successul. These ten principles or recommendations will help you tremendously in achieving success and the health and vitality you want from your detoxification and regeneration process. These points will be covered in depth as you continue to work with the book.

1. The diet is your number one key to success. What you eat, drink, breathe, and what you put on your skin is how you bring the outside world in. Study and learn the concepts in this book about a raw food diet. The greater percentage of raw fruits and vegetables (salads) you eat, the greater your success will be. If you have cancer, a spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, parkinson's or any other chronic degenerative condition, you will want to consume 100% raw, "live" food diet of fruits and vegetables (salads) only.

2. Invite the help of a health care professional who has experience in the use of raw foods and other natural detoxification procedures, like fasting. Especially with illnesses like cancer and other chronic, degenerative conditions, it is beneficial to have guidance and support throughout your healing process. Ultimately you are responsible for yourself, but there are many valuable resources to assist you in making this journey into vibrant health.

3. Find someone who is adept at "reading" the iris of the eye ( a science known as iridology). This is one of nature's greatest, at present, only types of soft tissue analysis. it will give you a road map of your stregths and weaknesses. It will also indicate your congestive (lymphatic) and chemical accumulations. This is invaluable in helping you address your glandular or organ weaknesses. For this I recommend an herbal (formula0 program. Use herbs to address your cellular weaknesses and to move and clean your lymphatic system, GI tract, and lungs. ( Resource guide in book for herbal companies that supply such formulas)

Almost 100% of homo sapians have glandular weaknesses. Begin this process by taking the "What is your body telling you" self assessment questionaire found in chapter 5 in the book to determine yours.

Use basal temperature study test ( found in appendix A) for thyroid functio to determine your level of thyroid function. This is extremely important when considering utilization and metabolism.

If you have a high or especially low blood pressure, you know you have adrenal gland weakness. Again, check your self assesment questionaire to determine other side effects of adreanal gland weakness.

4. Always "move" your lymph system. Everyone has a stagnant lymph system to one degree or another. All cell need to eat and excrete, and your lymph system is your sewer system. Your lymph nodes are your septic tanks. Keep them cleanes out! Use an herbal formula for your kidneys and eat a lot of fruits> Clean and enhance your GI tract with raw foods and a restoritive intestinal formula. Avoid laxatives or purgatives, acidophilus, bifidophilus or any other intestinal flora. Your intestinal flora will restore itself. Exercise (like walking or swiming) is extremely important in moving your lymph system, especially in your lower extremities.

Let yourself sweat! your skin is your largest eliminative organ. Keep it clean and stimulated with dry skin brushing, regular as well as hot-cold showers, and by sweating.

5. You will want to spend a month on an herbal parasite formula ( a resourse guide at the back of the book to find excellant herbal companies that carry these) This will help get rid of the larger worms, flukes, etc., It will also help reduce your microorganisms (candida, bacteria, etc.,) that affect your desire for foods.

6. Clean your liver and enhance your pancreas for about a month or so before starting on your detoxification program. See shapter 8 for suggestions about supporting and cleansing these organs with herbs and herbal formulas. If you have diabetes or you're excessively thin you will probably need three months or so.

7. If your're on chemical medications, don't worry. Ther aer very few possible interactions with this program and these herbal formulas.

Scientific Facts:
Most chemicals weaken and destroy cells. Chemotherapy causes high acidosis and destroys cells causing future cancer or the spreading (metastasis) of cancer.

Radiation inflames, burns, and destroys cells (tissues), an dcan cause cancer to metastasize.

If you're on high blood pressure medication, simply watch your blood pressure. This program can bring down your blood pressure fast. Use common sense. If your blood pressure is low, lowering it further with chemical meds might not be too smart.

If your blood pressure is low, you must work to get it normalized by enhansing and regenerating your adrenal glands. Diabetes (Type II) is very easy to overcome in most cases. If you're on insulin, watch your blood sugars. The same principle applies as with high blood pressure.

9. As you detoxify and regenerate, your body will go through sysmptoms of a "healing crisis." This is normal, natural and positive. As you understand about the healing crisis you'll understand what "disease" truly are. see chapter 5 Remember, disease symptoms manifest from two sources - conjestion and cellular weakness.

10. Finally Attitude, attitude, attitude! Enjoy what you are doing! Always remember why you're getting your body (or physical vehicle) healthy. Your body is your mobility in this physical world. Many of your weaknesses are genetically passed on to you. Your toxicity may have developed in utero, so give it time to be released. Vibrant health in this world does not occur overnight. sometimes its' hard work - but well worth it. It connects you with life, love and God.

May the blessings be!


  1. this is a very complete yet succinct recap of the natural lifestyle. Great job. One caution, though, on the use of fruit. most Americans have a blood sugar condition and fruit makes it worse. Hippocrates Health Institute teaches a low sugar intake, especially for those fighting a disease.

    Keep up the great work you are doing!

  2. Yes, great job! Thanks for the Hippocrates Health Institute kudos! Brian Clement, Director of Hippocrates, is releasing a new book in October called Supplements Exposed, which reveals many of the flawed assumptions and misonceptions perpetuated through the years about what constitutes good health and well-being!

  3. Cindy and Ellen... You are both so right. Dr Brian Clement just spoke about Supplements Exposed in NYC last night. He is the guru! He also spoke in DC at the Raw Spirit Festival this past weekend.

    And you are ABSOLUTELY right about sugar... in any form... even fruit & agave. It is BEST to get rid of sugar all together especially if you are trying to detox or heal. And the explanation he gave is ... Yes we are oringinated as frugavores by species BUT... that was before pollution, toxins, stress, disease and so on.

    He went on to say that we are all addicted (so true) and that at Hippocrates when they had stopped the sugar intake completely they watched the cure rate of the diseases sky rocked. Diseases that they were unable to cure before removing the sugar completely from the diet.
    The removing the sugar from the diet was essential in curing disease. Everything feeds off of sugar.

    He said that if one is completely healthy and eatling a balanced raw diet is is ok to eat fruit once in a while. But best for it to have ripened before picked... this way it is sure to be alakline. Picking the fruit before ripe ( as all store bought fruit it) is not good. The fruit is acidic and will not turn alakline after picked. It will and only can be alkaline if still on the tree or vine until ripe and ready to pick.

    thank you for your comments!