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This info touches on some of the best info I have come across in regards to cancer prevention. You don't need to have or have had cancer to benefit from this info. In fact, you can prevent it in advance by your lifestyle choices. Beat your odds! If you read my last post the odds are NOT in your favor that you will develop cancer in your lifetime.

Cancer is a Whole body disease.

by Keith Scott-Mumby

If you’ve read enough, you’ll know that cancer is a disease of the whole body—and I don’t mean it has spread over the whole body—I mean every part of you is involved in the degeneration that ran down and led to this condition, even if the tumor is just small and local. In fact, even if they have taken it away, with assurances “We got it all”, this still applies and your body is still in that bad

If you haven’t understood this yet, you need to read more. You are missing something important. Doctors will not tell you this vital health information because they operate in blind ignorance. I’m a fully trained MD and entitled to make this criticism. Doctors are taught that cancer is a lump and if they can stop the lumps spreading, they are controlling the disease. Not true.

The disease is a health condition and to be safe you need to get out of that condition. Don’t wait even a day. It is vital you get started on the recovery program.

Remember my keynote rule:
Live by this rule!

Here are some simple steps which will transform your journey through sickness to health. I urge you to do them right away.

Make a dramatic change in your diet.

Be as tough as you can stand it for 3- 5 days and then follow one or other diet program of the many that have been published.

I suggest you limit yourself to just smoothies (fruits, berries and vegetables ONLY), fresh chopped fruit chunks, salads, fish and vegetables (hot or cold).

Drink herbs teas, fresh squeezed juices and spring water. It sounds extreme but, hey, it’s only a few days kick-start.

This regimen is just a holding position but I can all but promise you this: it will stop the cancer dead in its tracks, while you reflect what to do and what plan to follow. This will buy you time.

Don’t fall for the “organic” story at this time. You especially need to avoid cereals (which convert to sugars), dairy products, stimulant drinks (tea and coffee) and sugar (and honey and other sweeteners). This applies even if you are told they are wonderful, “natural” and organic even.

Avoid all manufactured foods because it’s ALL junk.

Keep off these danger foods and be strict. This isn’t a slimming diet where you can cheat just a teeny bit. The stakes are now too high.

As you understand better what you are doing, you can selectively re-introduce certain food items.

Will I Be Hungry?

The only hard part of eating to a plan like this is food addiction. That’s right, we all get hooked on certain favorite foods and we feel “hungry” without them. That’s not hunger, it’s food withdrawal symptoms, which at times can be very severe.

But you can test my statement for yourself, easily. Eat plenty and see if the “hunger” or food cravings go away! They won’t. You can eat half a cantaloupe and a pound of apples and still feel you “need something”. That something is whatever you are addicted to. It’s one of the reasons you’ve got cancer!

You might also expect to feel lacking in energy on a strict regime like this—and so you will. But only for a few days. After that, I promise you will feel fresher, cleaner, more zestful than you have felt in years, despite your affliction.

You won’t need to be this strict for long. A few days will break your addictions.

For more details on the different diet plans, the Gerson, Kelley, Budwig and so on, you’ll need to refer to my book “Cancer Confidential”.

By the way, my own “Diet Wise” is a very powerful tool for getting to the safest diet for you. By eliminating stressor foods, you will unburden the immune system.

Check out “Diet Wise” here:

Get yourself cleaned up emotionally

Look, I don’t care what you’ve been told. I only know this: all cases of cancer have had a severe psychic shock somewhere in the 3 years leading up to the tumor (not necessarily the diagnosis). Dr Hamer, from Germany, called it his “iron rule” of cancer and he has over 40,000 cases to prove it. In fact Galen, a famous Roman doctor, 2,000 years ago said “Cancer never strikes a happy person”. That may be extreme but you’ve got to take this on board.

Stress, destructive emotions or what I have christened “negative passions” are hurting you badly. It could be argued they kill us all, in the end. But why stay passive?

You need to rid yourself of these negative passions. You need somebody competent and I’m not talking about papering over the cracks with something trivial like EFT. I’m mean puking up the deep stuff and getting it OUT—and GONE.

You’d be better with Alcoholics Anonymous famous Step 4 than some wishy-washy “counselor”. Step 4 is a tough program; but it works. It’s a severe psychic readjustment. But violent disease requires violent solutions sometimes.

You’ll need to finish up with something on the positive side though, like lashings of love therapy!

You may think you are not an “emotional person”. That’s the biggest danger sign I know. Research shows the person most likely to get a cancer is someone who bottles up their emotions, instead of giving free vent to them. A docile, complaint woman for instance, who puts her husband and family before herself, always making sacrifices and “caring about others” (obsessively) is the classic victim most likely to develop cancer.

Suppressed emotions of this kind are even more toxic than the fiery extrovert ones. Buried anger and hidden resentment, the kind of thinking that puts all hopes and dreams onto the back burner, but secretly blames others for the lost opportunities, is truly deadly. You need to let go, in order to live. That’s true, incidentally, even if you don’t have cancer (yet!)

Caution: if you are in an emotionally toxic relationship, where you come under a constant barrage of criticism and derision, instead of nurture, I advise you to leave. Immediately.

You cannot fight cancer in an emotionally destructive environment. Face it, it’s probably that environment which brought you down. You must get out of it as sure as a drowning man or woman must get out of the water—or perish. Whether you ever go back is up to you. People can work things out. But not in a climate of fear or oppression. I wouldn’t call that a relationship, anyway. This is harsh counseling—but you wouldn’t want me to mince words or gloss over important issues, now would you?

You need to get de-toxed fast.

When I use the word “de-tox” I’m not talking about cissy diets that are popular in women’s magazines. I mean a real, deep down chemical clean up. Your body is overloaded with chemical filth. Tests show pesticides, PCBs, phthalates and other crazy chemical toxins in everyone’s bodies.

Friends of mine (Dr. Bill Rea and his team) doing research into remote lakes all over the world found these poisons in the water supply—and that was back in the 1980s.There is no pure water left on planet Earth.

Nobody is free of chemical pollution.

So, what’s the big deal if everybody is exposed, you want to know? Some people might be coping (they may just get diagnosed later than you did). But in your case, which is what matters, these carcinogens have got to you.

You must repel them with all the fire and courage you would use to fight pirates if they attacked your ship on the high seas. You must fight. You cannot do nothing and wait helplessly. To continue the nautical metaphor, the pirates will win and you’ll just end up walking the plank—a death sentence.

Clean up everything you can think of in the home. Get rid of 90% of the stuff you find there, under the sink, in cupboards, in the garage, the garden shed. Most of it you don’t want. All of it will have found its way into your tissues.

Don’t forget the dangers of cosmetics, ladies! The average woman absorbs about a pound of cosmetic chemicals every year and most of them are not proven safe.

If you are reluctant to accept this, let me start you out with some examples.

Black and dark brown permanent hair dyes contain numerous ingredients, such as diaminoanisole and FD&C Red 33, recognized as carcinogens in experimental animals and the cause of relatively rare cancers in humans: non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and multiple myeloma.

Cosmetic grade talc is carcinogenic in experimental animals. Also, frequent genital dusting with talc, routinely practiced by some 17% of women, increases risks of ovarian cancer.

A group of widely used preservatives, such as quaternium15 and bronopol, widely used in baby products, though not carcinogenic themselves, break down to release formaldehyde, a potent irritant and recognized carcinogen.

Commonly used cosmetic detergents and foaming agents, such as polysorbates and PEG, are usually contaminated with the volatile carcinogen dioxane.

DEA, another widely used chemical detergent, will combine with nitrite preservatives or contaminants in cosmetic products to form a highly carcinogenic nitrosamine. Furthermore, recent government studies showed that DEA itself is also carcinogenic following application to mouse skin.

I don’t expect you to know the chemistry of all this stuff. Just to get a grasp of the scale of the problem. These are a few examples from the world of cosmetics: stuff we put onto our precious skin everyday and absorb. Remember our skin is almost porous—why do you think hormone patches work?

But then you add cleaners, solvents, paint substances, dry cleaning fluids, plastics, PVC, aerosols and air “fresheners” (what a con), toothpaste (almost all of it contains FD & C Blue Dyes 1 & 2 and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a toxic degreaser, notorious for damaging skin).

I could go on and on. I’ve not even mentioned the TORRENT of toxic chemicals contaminating our food, which we swallow every day. The list will run on to thousands of pages. You have to grasp this.

No, I don’t want you to go and live in a glass bubble in the middle of the ocean. That’s too extreme and not necessary.

The principle we want to guide us here is that of reducing total burden. If you get rid of 90- 95% of the contaminants, you risk will fall by 90- 95%. It’s just logic.

What about the stuff that’s already soaked into your tissues? I was coming to that…

Look after your liver

Your liver is a magnificent chemical breakdown facility. It’s industrial-strength detox pathways spare your life every day, breaking down these deadly chemicals we are exposed to.

But no matter how wonderful this organ, there is a limit to what it can cope with. It can’t go on helping you if you let it get battered every second of every day, without relief. You need to support your liver and give it all the love you can.

Without a fully functioning liver, you wouldn’t last more than a few hours. It’s all that’s between you and certain death.

Doctors never educate their patients in liver care (they don’t know enough liver care themselves). Even alternative practitioners are mainly foolish and ignorant (for example the stupid “liver flush”, swallowing masses of olive and when beads of oily soap are seen in the toilet, they call that “gallstones”!)

Here is a simple way to get started on liver care, without getting too technical.

First, I am assuming you have followed the diet advice in step 1. The toxic nature of many foods, especially manufactured foods, adds unnecessarily to the liver burden. Decent natural fodder in the fruit and veg category are your liver’s favorite nutrients. Eats lots of them.

Next you need to supply it with some special nutrients. You may have heard of milk thistle. Even the ancient Romans knew it would protect the liver against alcohol damage from their ridiculous drinking excesses (cirrhosis).

Milk thistle, we now know, works by increasing glutathione in the liver. Glutathione is our number one miracle de-tox molecule. It can beat almost all the pirates I have been talking about. But it’s a bitter war because for every pirate molecule run off the ship, we lose a glutathione soldier. It has to be replaced constantly.

So when we are exposed to chemicals in any concentration, we need LOTS of glutathione.

Silymarin, from milk thistle is one source. N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is another source; so is alpha lipoic acid. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with these fancy names. You can solve the problem with one simple 6-a-day capsule.

It’s a commercial product called MaxGXL and trials have shown it increases intracellular glutathione almost three-fold (291%).

Take that and you’re done.

If you want to shop around and take a bunch of capsules and pills, that’s fine.

I suggest these doses for you:

N-acetyl cysteine 500 mgms
Alpha lipoic acid 200 mgms
Glutamine 500 mgms twice a day
Silymarin 200 mgms (will require 250- 300 mgms Milk Thistle)

Personally, I think it’s more convenient to take the combined dose. You can get it here:

By law I am required to stress that MaxGXL or any other supplement is NOT a cure for cancer. I am recommending it as a way of significantly increasing
glutathione levels in your body. That’s all.

Special enema

Now the next thing may seem a bit outlandish but it’s good science. It’s using coffee enemas! Say what?

This old and recognized liver stimulant technique has been in the medical textbooks for decades. So if your doctor scoffs, don’t worry about it. Tell him you found it in an old Merck Manual; that’ll cause a shock!

But—the skeptics wail—it’s not a recognized cancer technique. That’s true. They just can’t read. The Merck Manual says it’s a liver support technique!

Nobody serious argues with the Merck Manual. It’s fatter than most medical textbooks (with thinner pages), in fact it’s Bible thick and Bible-shaped.

I suggest you ignore officious busy-bodies who want to prevent you doing anything THEY didn’t sanction. It’s your body; your survival that matters.

It’s easy to do and every single patient I have had use it feels the benefit. I know from the writings of other physicians they find the same thing. Just do it—but keep quite about it.

Here’s the technique I use:

1. Add 3 teaspoonful of fresh ground organic coffee (not instant or decaffeinated) to 2 pints (1.3 litres) of distilled water (available from the pharmacy). Boil for 5 minutes, to drive off the oils. Then cover it and simmer for a further 15 minutes.

2. Strain through gauze or a typical plastic coffee filter and allow to cool to body temperature. Put this in the enema bag. Hang the bag at about standing head height.

3. Then lie down. Lubricate and insert the nozzle, several inches (well beyond the rectal canal). Open the stop cock and allow the liquid to drain very slowly into your intestines. Relax and breath slowly while this takes place.

4. Try to take the whole bag and retain for around 15 minutes. If you feel spasms or unpleasant symptoms, close the stop cock or if there isn’t one, simply lower the bag to the floor. Wait for half a minute and then try again.

5. Immediate symptoms of headache, fever, nausea, intestinal spasms and drowsiness generally indicate the flushing of toxins. Increase the frequency if this happens. If you wake with a headache and drowsiness, this could mean withdrawal symptoms. Try an extra enema last thing at night.

6. IMPORTANT: After the last enema at night you need to inject via your rectum about 50mls. of cold-pressed sunflower seed oil, flax seed oil or similar, to line your intestines and protect the mucus membranes.

7. Keep all equipment clean but sterility is not required. You can find more on this in my book “Cancer Confidential”.

The Power Of Positive Thinking

I’ve mentioned the negative effects of negative emotions and blooding over hostile or destructive thoughts.

But there is another side to the mind and its effects in disease and in health. You can (truly) think your way to a cure. It’s sometimes called positive thinking. It doesn’t matter what you label it, it’s about RIGHT ATTITUDE. What you believe about yourself and the possibilities for the situation you are in are critical in shaping the outcomes.

You can think of this as “spiritual nutrition” and it’s just as important for you as
right eating.

If you give up and lay down, fate will likely walk over you and tread you down. But if you decide you are captain of your own ship (there’s that nautical metaphor again), then you set the course and trim the sails. It’s your life!

Probably nothing finishes off cancer patients to quickly and so surely as giving up control of the dangerous situation to someone else—even if that someone else is your oncologist. Doctors are living their own lives, with their own agendas and purpose, and you must trust me when I say that this has NOTHING to do with your fate or happy outcome. To them you are a pawn in an impersonal game they play every day.

For you it is deadly serious and their rules, anybody’s rules, do not necessarily apply. This is the story of YOU, not the “average” person (whatever that means). The textbook does not apply to you because you are not a book case, you are a living being with your own mind and your own drives. Almost everyone who survived and beat this disease did so because they were cussed and refused to accept the routine or normal.

What you must be especially on guard against is doctors telling you what THEY think is going to happen. Doctors get it so absurdly wrong, so often, it would be laughable if the topic were not so deadly serious.

It’s great to be smarty Aleck and pronounce when a patient is going to die. It gives you immense power and prestige, doesn’t it?

Well, it didn’t for me. Yet doctors go on doing it and I can’t think of any other reason. Or actually, I can: cruelty or stupidity are the other two obvious reasons.

Stupidity I put there because the average doctor cannot seem to get it into his or her head and work schema that Nature heals, that patients recover and that disease has a healing purpose.

Why else would doctors go on telling cancer patients “You have 6 months to live”(or weeks or whatever)?

Don’t they see it’s going to be a self-fulfilling prophecy in most cases? A patient under the duress of feeling sick and frightened is told by this powerful authority figure “You are going to die”; what do you think will happen?

Right! The patient’s subconscious will take this pronouncement on board and make it come true. That way the doctor looks good – he or she got it right. But it doesn’t come under the functions of a doctor as I understand them.

If a doctor ever says such words to you, translate them as follows: “I don’t know what I’m talking about and I don’t know what I’m doing. I suggest you find a natural healer and follow a spiritual and lifestyle path to a cure.”

The fact is that every disease you can name, of every severity, has been survived by others before you. People sick unto death and not expected to last the day have got up and walked out of hospital; terminal cancer patients, whose bodies were riddled with secondaries, have recovered and the tumors gone away (and stayed away for the rest of their lives); people who were paralyzed have walked again (done a few of those myself) and even genetically-determined conditions have disappeared, no matter the DNA message.

Doctors must stop pronouncing on patients what becomes a death sentence by impact. Don’t let ‘em scare or bully you!

It usually needs little more than a change of mind, a determination by the patient, the will to survive, and the natural healing process kicks in. Mostly, I have noticed, the patients who survive have a slight scorn or even contempt for the doctors who failed them. That’s probably why they won’t agree to the death sentence.

The fact is, whatever you are facing, there is a path back to health. You may have been living where this path is very hidden and overgrown with intellectual weeds. But it’s there. It’s ALWAYS there; God makes sure of that. You only have to find your path!

Avenues to try

Dr O. Carl Simonton, a radiation oncologist, showed the power of positive imagery in mastering cancer. His critics argue it has not been proven to increase

Well playing computer games in which the patient shoots down malignant cells has definitely been shown to do so. Let the skeptics go hang. They’ll change their squeal if ever they get cancer, trust me.

The fact is that since time immemorial, it has been known that the mind is an immensely powerful tool for changing reality and experience. The cold, impersonal (and mostly erring) pseudo-science of Western medicine simply has no grasp of this idea.

The fact is that you cannot subject mind power to double-blind cross-over trials. That doesn’t make it unscientific. You can’t subject gravity to double-blind crossover trials; does that mean gravity is unscientific—a hoax?

For a comprehensive overview of mind and spiritual methods, I can’t do better than recommend Marc Ian Barasch’s book “The Healing Path”. Marc had thyroid cancer. But he happened to be editor of the New Age Journal and so he knew better than most where to look in his search.

In this book, which someone called a “watershed”, Barasch has assembled an enlightening collection of field notes, anecdotes, meditations, and personal accounts of individuals who have grappled with cancer (and life-threatening illnesses). He adds insights from a variety of healers, including Indian medicine men, Tibetan lamas, practitioners of Chinese medicine, and Brazilian psychic healers.

Barasch challenges readers to move beyond conventional Western understandings of medicine and the total reliance upon doctors. Western scientific medicine isn’t as clever as it likes to think. In fact it’s mainly disappointing when it comes to real healing and not patching over problems.

The soul approach to illness presented by Barasch validates the link between inner spiritual work and true healing. It also celebrates the potential healingmessage of illness and the importance of finding a way of living that involves self-acceptance and a sense of purpose.

It might surprise you to know many people have rejoiced in the fact they got cancer: it woke them up to a whole new and wonderful world of the Self that they had been missing.

There is nothing like a brush with death to really focus the mind, after all!

“Magic Bullet”

I would be remiss not to warn you ardently against the mentality that seeks out some new “magic cure” for cancer. The Web is full of these stories. DCA (dichloroacetate) is one of the current buzz elixirs. Patients desperately want to believe that this will save them and they argue that the government andregulatory bodies that won’t allow it because it’s toxic are being conspiratorial.

I’m not a supporter of the way governments do things. But DCA is definitely far more toxic than these websites would have you believe and I don’t think it’s of much value, in terms of its therapy-to-toxicity ratio.

My argument here is not really whether DCA works or not. It’s that you must get rid of the mentality that is looking for a “magic bullet” cure. Those who hail DCA and other remedies as an effective treatment are bone-deep lazy and want something that is going to save them, without having to take the trouble to change their diet or detox their lives in the ways I have described.

That sort of mentality will kill you.

There is only one true answer to cancer and that’s to address the disastrous health factors that you have allowed to deteriorate and fix them.

When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful. ~Barbara Bloom

Never, never, never give up. ~Winston Churchill

And to finish....

Finally, there is prayer. There have been studies to see if it increases survival and a lot of argument over whether prayer “works”. I consider this absurd: if you feel better, then prayer has worked.

Beyond that it’s a question of which story you accept. One important study was done by people who seemed determined to prove it didn’t work and used inexperienced participants. They were given a worthless technique that nobody uses and insufficient time was given to the experiment.

The other trial was carried out by experienced healers, doing what they do best and it showed clear benefit.

Both studies included controls.

I think this has nothing to do with the value of prayer healing for you, as an individual. You do it for yourself, for your own reasons and because you value it. I consider it a gross impertinence that scientists would even want to intrude with attempts to “prove” whether or not you are wasting your time.


So that’s it then. This is a short journey and has no pretensions to be more than just a “fast start” on your journey towards healing. It only remains for me to wish you well and point you in the direction of my super-informative “Cancer Confidential” Report, in which you will find all these issues and many more treated in depth, with considerable skill and knowledge.

You can get yourself a copy here:


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