Tuesday, December 29, 2009

safe early detection cancer test & NO side effects!

The AMAS cancer test is a safe early detection cancer test with NO side effects! A simple blood test... imagine that!!! Which is 95% accurate the 1st time and 99% accurate the second time... with ONLY a 3% false positive. This test will tell you if you have ANY cancer in your body. To me... that is HUGE!

I have been refusing mammograms (because they cause cancer) and a biopsy that the doctors told me I needed to have. More often than not, these biopsies are found to be benign. The AMAS test will give me the information I need to know WITHOUT dosing my body with radiation from a mammogram (which is a 1000X more radiation than a chest xray) and WITHOUT cutting me open. WHY would ANYONE want to expose themselves to these harmful side tests with harmful effects for a cancer screening when the AMAS test exists???

You can read all about the test, get ALL of the facts, order a free kit to be shipped to your house and find a lab or doctor in your area right on their website at www.oncolabinc.com

Read hear what one doctor says about the AMAS test and then ask YOUR doctor WTF??? Why aren't you doing a test like this for ALL or your patients during their annual check up???

From the Oncalab blog, By Margaret Rank, M.D.

"The AMAS test is a powerful diagnostic and prognostic tool when used properly. Measuring the levels of antibodies to Malignin, it can be used to diagnose sub-clinical cancer. That is, it can detect very small tumors before they become evident by usual diagnostic tests and physical exam. Small cancers can often be treated for cure with either conventional means or natural means. This is truly one of the weapons against cancer that is grossly underutilized."

"Use of the AMAS can prevent unnecessary procedures or prompt further investigation. For instance, statistics show that up to nine of 10 biopsies done because of an "abnormal" mammogram, are done for non-cancerous lesions. Also, many of the pathology reports of breast biopsies read as cancerous actually represent benign (non-cancerous) conditions. If the AMAS were used in these cases, many unnecessary, anxiety provoking surgical procedures could be avoided. Additionally, misdiagnoses of breast cancer that often lead to chemotherapy and radiation treatment, could be avoided in many cases. The mammogram is far too sensitive (it detects "disease" frequently when there is none), very non-specific (it can't always separate benign from malignant disease) and can deal a potentially cancer-causing dose of radiation. I have replaced this by breast MRI and/or the AMAS test. I have helped many of my patients avoid unnecessary surgery or biopsies with judicious use of this test."

"The AMAS, in conjunction with other clinical studies including assessment of the immune system, can help follow the progress of treatment or the need for intensification of therapy when dealing with a known cancer. It also assists with prognosis, detection of tumor progression or regression, and efficacy of a particular treatment protocol."

"To patients, I suggest strongly that they find a competent clinician familiar with the AMAS test and its interpretation to assess their individual needs and guide them in their decision-making."

Margaret Rank, M.D.
Melbourne, FL

DON'T let your uneducated doctor tell you HAVE to have something that is NOT safe for you... get educated and if your doctor is not willing to do the same... FIND A NEW DOCTOR!!!!

Click here to find out how you can get tested.

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Click here for the AMAS frequently asked questions.

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