Monday, April 6, 2009

chi-force living the 7 diciplines

I was recently invited to the Chi-Force Seminar & Training Workshop by brothers John and Eric Nies in sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience of life changing empowerment and harmonic balance.
The Chi-Force will benefit every person regardless of age, gender or lifestyle.

Chi-Force Living the Seven Disciplines was developed by The Power Center’s owner, John Nies The Seven Disciplines provide the basis for all of our physical training programs, enabling students to empower their minds while conditioning their bodies.

The Seven Diciplines

The Chi-Force eating philosophy centers around eating as close to nature as the path to living a healthy, disease free existence.

This discipline interrupts the daily cycle of repetitive thinking and gives the mind an opportunity to rest and revive.

Its crucial to keep your body’s energy flowing. Outside of your fitness routine, activities…dance, hike, walk…keep in motion

This discipline advocates the importance of learning and exploration as a means to personal growth.

Express your gratitude for life and sympathy for those less fortunate. This discipline promotes a sense of appreciation for life, while keeping our perception of suffering grounded.

Reconnect with nature and the earth and its abilities to nourish every body, mind and spirit.

This discipline calls to mind the importance of making a contribution to society through charitable deeds and positive actions.

This is what I call a conscious choice to live a life of wellness.
See what this kind of dicipline can do for your body mind and spirit.

If you are interested in the workshop details below.
If you are not in NJ, you can consciously choose
to apply the 7 diciplines to your life.

The Chi-Force seminar and training workshop includes:
1 hour Chi-Force (life energy)Training
Lecture on Living the Seven Disciplines:
Nourish, Move, Study, Meditate, Pray, Connect
Serving SuperFood Shakes with samples and information.
Q&A with John and Eric

Cost: $100, with 100% of profits going to Power Path Foundation, a 501c3 dedicated to empowering children to live a happy, drug free and purpose filled life.

Saturday, May 16, 2009
2:30pm - 4:30pm
The Power Center
2 Bridge Ave/The Galleria
Red Bank, NJ

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  1. i started this work out a few weeks ago... WOW
    the first week every muscle in my body was sore. now... i look forward to making it there at least 4x a week. I would go every day but i have to get my other work out in as well. some days i do both and it only gives me more energy.
    now that is dicipline!