Tuesday, March 24, 2009

want the best work out? .....get a kettlebell.


1. Burns Fat in Less TimeBy use of the Peripheral Heart training (PHA), the entire body is trained. The idea is to provide uninterrupted blood flow throughout the body while taking no rest between sets, similar to circuit training. You will be doing 4 times the work, in a shorter time frame.

2. Displaced Center of GravityThe kettelbell's center of gravity is 6-8 inches below the center of your hand. Barbells and dumbbells center the weight with your hand. The offset of the KB makes it “alive” in your hand and increases the difficulty and benefit of many of the drills. KBs can do anything a dumbbell can do, even better in fact, but not vice-versa.

3. Variety and VersatilityYour workout's variety is only limited by your imagination and safety. One KB, two KBs and combination drills provide unlimited protection from boredom. KBs can be used anywhere. It is basically a gym in one hand and provides you with a total body workout.

4. Balance of Tension and RelaxationTension is strength, relaxation is speed. An athlete must balance both to maximize skill. KB training utilizes a balance of tension and relaxation.

5. Trains Hip Extension and DecelerationBallistic KB drills provide an intense load to the hips and buttocks. Very similar to the vertical leap, this “grooved” hip extension transfers to many athletic skills such as jumping, running, and throwing. Similarly, deceleration occurs when “throwing” and “catching” the KB behind you. Your muscles contract together to produce force reduction and deceleration of the weight.


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