Saturday, February 13, 2010

why even bother to constant comment ?

The effects of my constant comments are reflected in this letter I received below. For those of you who know me, you know I am constantly commenting on how conscious choice making can impact your life and well being. Some may find my constant comments a bit annoying. For me, I see it as caring enough to speading the truth. One thing that comes up in most of my conversations is my recommendation for others to read one of the most  comprehensive studies on nutritions ever conducted...The China Study. For as many eye rolls I get from disbelievers or other people who just want to continue to remain disconnected...   this letter one makes it worth my every breath.

Hey Lindsay,
I can't thank you enough for recommending us "The China Study". Connie has down loaded it to itunes and we have listened to it multiple times in the way of, stop rewind play, stop rewind play, "Did you just hear that" rewind play "What did he just say?" rewind etc etc. We totally believe in everything he says and are furious at the same time that this book isn't widely known. I am telling EVERYONE I know and come in contact with about it, while I know you can bring a horse to water but can't make him drink, I am going to bring herds of horses to the water. A few of them I will at least try to push their heads down, some I will completely submerge their heads, lol.

I wish I met you a couple years ago because I lost my uncle to cancer and at one point he was came to me for advice saying that these doctors "don't know what the hell they're doing" and he knew that Connie and I were into "alternatives." I tried recommending him a video I came across " Cancer doesn't scare me anymore" which did promote juicing and diet change but I didn't have the knowledge or conviction to really get him to change and I think at that point he was very far along. I don't know if it was too late or not at that point, but had I had this info 2 years earlier when he first discovered the cancer, I believe he certainly would have benefited, and maybe would still be alive.

I will no longer wait to inform people of what I know and preach to whoever will listen, going to need to get soap box now-lol. I couldn't listen to Obama talk about Health care reform last night when something as simple as diet change would save millions of lives not to mention billions of dollars. Our country's being run by these big conglomerates that make money getting us sick then make more pretending to cure us. When I heard in the book that prescription drugs kill 100,000+ people a year taking them "as prescribed" and being the number 3 killer of Americans behind heart disease and cancer I did a little research. I found that over 780,000 people die every year due to conventional medicine "mistakes". That would be the number 1 killer by a long shot. WTF. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir. Justs make me "sick" thinking about it."

I have a customer who's daughter is going through chemo for bone cancer and just yesterday I told him of "the china study". I am going to keep following up with him until he gets the book or down loads it but I am going to be diligent in getting him to read it and not waiver until he does. This book has had a profound effect on our life. My 6 year old daughter said to me this morning "why don't we set up a healthy food stand at the mall".

THANK YOU. Keep doing what you do. Your efforts and will have positive effects directly and indirectly on many many people. Connie wanted you to know she ordered some of the Love bottles and we are looking forward to getting them.

So glad we met,
I must be honest... I was deeply touched by Jeff's letter and it has made all of my comments, suggestions, facebook and blog post worth every bit of energy I have put into it. To me this is what make my world go around. So THANK YOU JEFF! I am verry happy that Jeff and Connie have been impacted in the way they have by just a few of my comments. And trust me... there are more where those came from.
Best in health,
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  1. A great letter.... a deserving compliment for the time, energy, and effort you put into your blog. Keep up the good work... we appreciate you.
    Wishing you & Stephen a Very Happy Valentine's Day...
    Thanks for caring ...Theresa

  2. Theresa...
    Thank you very much!!! I just wrote to Jeff's wife, Connie, and had to tell them what a great feeling it was to receive their letter since I get a lot of eye rolls from a lot of people. I was telling a random man about The China Study a week or so ago and I just had to read him Jeff's letter (above) in hopes that it would motivate him to read the China Study just by hearing their experience with it... and by the time I got to the bottom of the letter I started to cry.

    It has been a lot going thru some of the medical problems I have had in the past and it is what has made me so passionate in sharing everything I have learned along the way. So to hear what Jeff wrote about the impact it has had on him and his family makes it worth every breath!

    And same to you... I appreciate your kinds words as well. We can all learn something from one another!
    <3 lindsay

  3. i love this post. It is so heartfelt and truly organic. Lindsay you are so beautiful inside and out. Thank you for giving me your inspiring words and wisdom. I think im in love.

  4. dear anonymous...
    thank you...just spreading the love!

  5. Hey constant comment, I hope this helps in getting a few eyes rolling in the other direction. I have come across many of those myself and know what that feels like. I think your topics, passion and persistance are definitely making a difference, I know it has for us, and our children and hopefully our children's children... Who by the way are enjoying the love bottles as much as I am, opening and closing the lid is a blast for them. I am absolutely LOVEing my love bottles, I downloaded the little awesome HADO project childrens book and read it with my kids, they sometimes now talk to their water, its so cute. We have also started writing messages on our glass food jars :) and this all also lead into finally purchasing our water alkalinizer and shower filters- and OT also preparing for my water birth-HA! Anyway THANKS AGAIN and keep up the great work!

    P.S. Oh, we are also LOVING our daily cup of Dandyblend! shockling amazing!

    Can't thank you enough,