Friday, February 6, 2009

consciously creating awareness

This blog was was created to capture the imagination of our general public with uplifting, educational information about conscious choice making. A forum to create awareness for all things green and alternative, where real people share their personal stories demonstrating how conscious choices can impact your life, others, and the world we live in.

Today the focus is Preventative Health Care and Functional Medicine. Most people understand what preventative means but do you know what Functional Medicine is?

Every choice you make affects you and your wellness. The Body Mind Spirit are all connected. Get to know you, your body, and the choices you make everyday and what they mean to you and your wellness. What path have your choices led you down? I am going to find out exactly that at Sanoviv.

Dr Northrup of , Founder of Women to Women in Maine and well known author, is quoted endorsing Sanoviv stating, “There is no place like it in the world”, and continued to say if anyone in her family were ill that she would bring them to Sanoviv, our hospitals are only good for trauma.

I recently read this statement and I felt completely connected, and I could not have put it better… “What is needed is some person, some institution, some inescapable “force” that captures the imagination of our citizens and demonstrate that cancer and other diseases will be eliminated only when each of us comes to understand that this can only occur as a part of a lifelong process of sanity, balance, moderation, and self respect.”
- Dr. Charles Simone M.MS.,M.D.

About Sanoviv…

Sanoviv is a breathtakingly beautiful, licensed medical hospital that strives to eliminate toxins that inhibit the body's ability to heal. The Sanoviv medical team is a highly experienced, internationally trained group of physicians, nutritionists, psychologists, and fitness experts committed to treating your whole being: mind, body and soul.

Sanoviv’s four-night diagnostic program called "The Complete Health Assessment" is the cornerstone of their practice. It gives you and your team of Sanoviv physicians a complete picture of your state of health. Whether you are seriously ill or simply want to ensure continued good health, this program includes an exclusive series of diagnostic tests. Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, the doctors will then draw on a range of conventional and integrative treatment options to develop a comprehensive program specifically tailored to your needs.

Sanoviv excels at proving the latest in Parkinson's treatment, breast cancer therapy as well as other auto-immune and neurodegenerative diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Alzheimer's and more. If you have been diagnosed with one of these diseases, it is most likely that Sanoviv will recommend the Comprehensive Medical Program – a two week program designed to meet your specific needs, all designed to complement the existing multiple sclerosis treatment or fibromyalgia treatment options Sanoviv has available.

Sanoviv also had remarkable results with treating a wide range of cancers, including cutting edge lung cancer treatment, and the latest in breast cancer therapy options available anywhere. If you are seeking new and innovative treatment options or have undergone chemotherapy and/or radiation and are looking to give your body the best chance to heal and for remission, Sanoviv’s Intensive Medical Program has provided their guests with renewed hope and health. From the moment you arrive at Sanoviv, you'll be amazed with their accommodations.

All programs at Sanoviv begin with a foundation of nutrition and detoxification. Included with every program are luxury, ocean-front view accommodations, delicious meals, a variety of comfortable, natural-fiber clothing , so you don’t have to worry about packing and transportation to and from San Diego.

The approach to whole-body healing includes a fascinating education program. You will not only experience a new way of life, but you will be given the skills for creating this healthy, balanced life at home

The “About Sanoviv” information is from or watch a virtual tour at

I will be sharing my experience and daily thoughts about all my conscious choices with the hope that the next choice you make is a conscious one.

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