Tuesday, April 14, 2009

sanoviv diet

» Dietary Considerations

While the following principles apply to everyone interested in optimal nutrition and digestive health, they are especially important for those with serious medical conditions. Some might consider these guidelines overly restrictive; granted, the psychological attachment to former eating habits is a significant consideration.

Individual needs will vary, and in the absence of a life-threatening situation, it may be possible to pursue a more relaxed, yet steady progression toward an optimal dietary plan.

» Purpose of the Sanoviv Dietary Program

True health requires a healthy digestive system. Cleansing is the first step in achieving optimal health. Nutrients from food can be absorbed more efficiently when the digestive tract is clean.

People usually achieve cleansing more quickly on raw food than cooked food. However, there are some disease states in which cooked food is necessary as a transition. The removal of toxins and metabolic waste is essential for health maintenance. Whether beginning a fast, or changing to a lighter fare, improving dietary intake will begin to remove waste and prepare the body for a healthier diet and other purification regimes.

The Sanoviv dietary program is a low-stress, cleansing and regenerative diet, using enzymes, raw juices, and specific foods to supply maximum energy with a minimum amount of digestive work. Guests are then provided with a series of transitional diets to promote gradual lifestyle changes. People set themselves up for failure when they try to change their diet too quickly on their own. The supervised Sanoviv approach gives the body and mind a chance to adjust during the transition.

Amazing things happen when we improve our diet. The body knows the difference between high and low quality foods. Cells will begin to discard the lower grade foods such as meats, dairy, and processed food chemicals.

During your education programs at Sanoviv, you will have the opportunity to learn more about nutrition through food, basic concepts and how to apply them, and dietary essentials for good health.

their meals are 80% RAW and Organic and 20% cooked.

» Suggestions for Preparing for the Sanoviv Diet

Eat a raw salad everyday, including darker greens instead of iceberg lettuce

Eliminate butter & margarine, and use canola oil and olive oil instead

Eliminate red meat

Keep breakfast light. Start the day with a breakfast of fruit and fruit juices.

Reduce canned, frozen & processed foods

Reduce dairy intake

Reduce desserts by 50% or more

Reduce salt intake, and use sea salt in place of regular salt

Reduce the amount of coffee and tea that you drink, and switch from regular to decaf.

Reduce the amount of water that you drink with your meals

Substitute soda with natural drinks

Try not to eat after 8:00 PM


Fortunately for me... I am already a strict vegan, so I am already imagining the feast of veggies ahhhh paradise.

But ... Unfortunately for you meat heads and junk food junkies it may not have the same appeal.
and can be a rough ride for the first few days... after that ... your pallet will change and you will taste food in a whole new way. (probably because you will be eating whole foods)

Now you will really know and feel what it means when people say, "you are what you eat."
seeing is believing... and if you have never done a cleanse or detox of any type.... what are you waiting for? trust me... when whatever you are waiting for arrives ... you will wish you had made betters choices.


  1. after posting that... i dont think i will be eating that delicious chocolate ganache cake : )

  2. It doesn't sound like you've been to Sanoviv before, is this going to be your first trip? If so you will miss your fruit as well as your cake, but the dessert once a week is devine! Best of luck to you, it's a wonderful place!

  3. hello anonymous... i posted this right before i went to sanoviv. yes it is a wonderful place... i look forward to going again in the future. Now i treat my self with raw deserts. : )