Friday, March 20, 2009

hey coffee drinker... drink the healthy "Coffee" drink... Dandy Blend

You just can't get going? ... You need a jump start? So you think the coffee is going to do it for you? ... it will... BUT, then you crash.    So ... you have another cup and another and so on and sometime even so on.  Drinking all that coffee without even knowing exactly what is coffee really doing for you??? you think it gives you "energy" ... when in fact it is depleting you of exactly that.

An interesting fact... when ever you consume an "addictive" substance such as sugar, starch, caffeine (coffee, tea, soda) , nicotine, or other drugs or alcohol. These substances act as FAKE neurotransmitters. These FAKE neurotransmitters fill up the receptors in your brain and then your brain sends a message to stop making more neurotransmitters because it "thinks" you already have enough. When in fact you don't. Your brain was fooled because your receptors are filled with the FAKE neurotransmitters that you fed it.

A great book that can help one get balance is called " the diet cure" by julia ross this book is not a "diet" book at all.  It is about getting balanced with your diet. There is an 8 questionnaire in the front that will show you exactly where your imbalances are and which chapter pertains to you. a great book!

I am not a coffee drinker but.. I LOVE Dandy Blend. Truly a delicious health coffee alternative.  I have introduced Dandy Blend to many coffee drinkers. By drinking Dandy Blend they were able to quit drinking coffee all together. I know many who have kicked a several cups ( up to 6) a day habit. It really tastes great! This is how I like to drink dandy blend...
I steam almond milk, add my Dandy Blend, a little agave, a dash of vanilla and ...WISK!. it even foams up at the top! just like a cappuccino... a BETTER than coffee drink because it is with out the acid and caffeine. I also add raw cocao to it. Or... I add Dandy Blend to my protein shakes.

I made it the other day for a coffee drinker when he said to me,"I really want a cup of coffee" I said, "please let me make you a healthy alternative" and he agreed, and I made him a Dandy Blend with love and he then said, "mmmmm this BETTER than a cup of coffee!" We were BOTH very happy. thank you dandy blend.

Dandy Blend ... check it out... here is what they say...

A Healthy Herbal Coffee Substitute...
tastes like coffee but has no caffeine, no acidity or bitterness.
sweetened with its own built-In fructose
contains all the goodness of dandelions
delicious iced dissolves instantly in hot or cold water
can be used in any recipe which calls for instant coffee

Dandy Blend instant dandelion beverage is the only herbal coffee substitute in the United States that features both the health benefits of dandelion and the rich, full-bodied flavor, smoothness and texture of real coffee. Many say that, because it lacks bitterness and acidity, it actually tastes better than coffee.

A Most Versatile Beverage
One level teaspoon in eight ounces of water makes a delightful dandelion tea. A rounded teaspoon makes a beverage very similar to a full-bodied cup of instant coffee, and a heaping teaspoon to a full tablespoon makes an exquisite espresso-style beverage. It is so versatile that any type of gourmet coffee beverage made from it is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, and it can be used in any recipe requiring coffee as an ingredient. Dandy Blend tastes great served iced or hot, and dissolves instantly in both hot or cold liquids. This delicious herbal coffee is especially good made with milk or dairy alternatives and your favorite flavorings. Those using it to wean themselves from coffee report that the transition is seamless– no headaches, upset stomachs, jitters or other symptoms of withdrawal.

The Constituents
Dandy Blend is made from the totally water-soluble extracts of three roasted herb roots: dandelion, chicory and sugar beet- and two roasted grains – barley and rye. Nothing other than extracts of the three roasted roots and two roasted grains is in Dandy Blend. It is naturally sweetened by the fructose released from the breakdown of the storage starch insulin when the dandelion and chicory roots are roasted. Because all sweetening comes from substances in the roots, Dandy Blend is a low carbohydrate beverage, with only 1 gram of carbohydrate per cup. All ingredients have been chosen because of the health benefits historically associated with them. Every cup contains 630 mg. of dandelion and chicory extract.
In Dandy Blend, you are getting the best of all worlds! Nothing compares with it in flavor, ease of use, and health-promoting effectiveness. Try it, you'll like it.

Dangers of Coffee & Caffeine...
The health problems which caffeine can cause could fill entire books, and probably enough popular and medical journal articles to paper the White House, inside and out!

Included are such problems as accelerating aging, weakening the immune system, impairing digestion, and causing blood sugar fluctuations which contribute to weight gain and mood disorders. There are more than 208 acids in coffee that contribute to indigestion and acid imbalance. This results in buildup of toxic waste, cardiovascular diseases, auto immune disorders, arthritis, and rheumatism. Uric acid produced by the breakdown of caffeine can cause kidney stones and gout, and can aggravate prostate conditions. Caffeine and the acids in coffee also inhibit absorption of B vitamins and cause the urinary excretion of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and trace minerals — all of which are essential for good health.

Women who drink coffee are more subject to osteoporosis and anemia, leading to fatigue and illness. And this is just the beginning!

That’s CAFFEINE, folks! Whether it be in coffee, cola, or any other beverage. Hardly something you would want to be pouring into your body by the multiple cup or bottlefuls each day, is it?

What others are saying...
"Of all the coffee substitutes out there, I like DandyBlend the best. I think it is more effective than the other barley-based beverages because it has that little kick of dandelion."
- Joyce Wardwell, author of The Herbal Home Remedy Book

"Dandy Blend is one of the most delicious ways to take dandelion root. Roasted dandelion roots seem to have an almost indefinite shelf life, and give a wonderful boost."
- Dr. Ryan Drum, Owner, Island Herbs, Waldron Island, Washington

"DandyBlend is one of the few coffee substitute blends on the market which actually tastes better than coffee. Not only is it wonderful tasting, but drinking it also provides substantial health-promoting benefits which, of course, coffee doesn't have."
- David Winston, Founder of Herbalist and Alchemist, Inc., Washington, New Jersey

Consciously choose the best choice for your main vehicle... your body.
If it sucks when your car is in the shop... imagine when your body is.
health is wealth.

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