Tuesday, April 14, 2009

my sanoviv program

I will be checking in for the two week comprehensive medical program as recommended by the Sanoviv Doctor Team.

And just exactly what treatment will I get with this particular program?

Comprehensive Medical Program

Pre-arrival Labwork /PTA
Complete diagnostic profile,
Spectracell panel (3)
DISC assessment

In house tests
(As indicated)
1 Biological terrain analysis
1 Stool test
1 Urinalysis
1 Bio-impedence analysis
1 Electrocardiogram
2 Darkfield microscopic cell analysis
1 Sleep apnea assessment
2 Endothelial assessment
1 Heidelburg gastric test
1 Heart rate variability assessment

Radiology (As indicated)

Medical Bioenergetics
1 Vega check
1 Vega test
Acuscope (up to 4)
Audiocolor (up to 6)
Ondamed (up to 6)

Medical Treatments
Extra Corporeal Ozone (up to 4)
Colon hydro therapy (up to 4)
IV gluthatione (up to 4)
IV mega-dosage of Vitamin C (up to 4)
IV Vitamin B-12 (up to 4)

Professional Visits
7 by treating Doctor
3 by Bio-dentist
4 by Psychologist
2 by Nutritionist (initial, review of FIA test, home program)
Chiropractic assessment (up to 2)
2 individual fitness consultations

Salutas per aquam SPA
Deep tissue/shiatsu (up to 2)
Enhanced lymphatic massage (up to 4)
1 Herbal Facial
1 Pedicure
Body wrap (up to 2)
1 Assisted sauna therapy
1 Thallasotherapy
MRT + Parafango

Energy Classes
Initial assessment
Daily meditation class
Energy medicine class
Detoxification class
Yoga class
Sound therapy
Psychology and spirituality class

Initial assessment
Discharge plan
Juicing class
Food preparation class
Relationship with food lecture
Emotional eating class
Integrative weight management class
Overall nutrition class

Initial assessment
Water class
Bio-impedance analysis
Individual training
Home program

Supplement Package
Supplement package included with program and will be individualized by your medical team.

The Comprehensive Medical Program is a 2 week intense medical program. All of the programs include room and board for the patient, if you wish to come with a companion you can chose to bring one at a cost of $100.00 dollars per night. The companion shares the same suite as the registered guest and has all meals provided. Companions can attend all educational classes, and use the pool and spa facilities.

Every patient is an individual and must be treated according to their unique symptoms and needs, the Detoxification program is designed to offer the best of allopathic and integrative medicine. The program listed above is an example of the typical treatment scenario and could change once here depending on the results of the initial health assessment.

After you arrive, your doctor may determine that additional tests and consultations are needed. The following are not included and would necessitate an additional fee: xrays, scans, stress test, consultations with specialists and spa services. Additional services will not be ordered without your approval.

For more information and to make a reservation,
please contact the admissions department at:


  1. Hi, I came across your blog because I'm doing some research on Sanoviv for my mom due to colon cancer. How was your stay there? We are from Toronto Canada, so I'm so worry about everything. How was your stay there? Do you recommend this place or you went to others? What is the rough cost to get treatment there? Please help. Thank you so much, Gigi

  2. Hello Gigi...

    I believe that you are on the right track with sanoviv for your mother. please set up a free phone consult as soon as possible with the doctors at sanoviv. this will allow you and your mother to hear what their plan of action will be based on the medical history you provide them. There is really no place in the world like sanoviv. i highly recommend sanoviv in fact they have had other patients call me to share my experience with them. i would be happy to do the same for you. the cost really depends on your needs and it is very expensive BUT can you put a price tag on your mothers wellness or life? they do have a service that will attempt to get a portion of the money spent there back from your insurance. my program was 14,000. and fiance's was 7,000. and it was worth every penny as it will change your life. i am not sure if i mentioned this above but dr christiane northrup states... "there is NO place like it on the earth" and i believe this to be true as well.

    integrative functional medicine is what they practice. so what that means... it is a full functioning hospital where they use functional medicine to get to the root cause of the illness and they also use medicine, and even chemo, radiation and surgery BUT... they integrate raw food and many other very important tools. The difference in their choice in which chemo or how much radiation is definitely different from most hospitals.

    i would be happy to speak with you about this over the phone. please send me a number and best time to reach you and i will call you.

    also did you see my post about cancer cured naturally??? a man who i met while i was there was diagnosed with prostate cancer and is now cancer free. he was so kind to post his complete protocol and contact info so that he can help others. you may think.. well she has colon cance not prostate BUT breast, endometrial, prostate, anal and colon cancer are all diet and hormone related cancers. so i believe that you can get some very good information from this post. he is a very kind man. please do not hesitate to contact me, tom or sanoviv. we can provide you will info that you may not find too many places.


    one other important note... vibrational energy will also have an impact on wellness and illness. they teach this at sanoviv. i have gone further and have become a HADO instructor and was taught by dr masaru emoto who is a dr of aternative medicine and has cured over 10,000 people of many diseases. he now is very known for his work with water. he shows the impact that positive and negative energy has on water. our body is 70% water. so when a dr gives you a message of cancer is disease... he has just sent that message to every cell in your body. please tell you mother to shift that energy. and to send her cells a positive message of health and wellness. this is a VERY powerful tool. i also have a post about this... i think it is called energy medicine.. the medicine of the future.


    get the book energy medicine by donna eden. this will be very beneficial. i have a lot of info and i am willing to share with the both of you. with love.. lindsay