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good, very good, better, best, and the very best ... it's your choice.

the best super food choice: green foods
by bonnie seltzer

As someone who had chose to address my supposed incurable illness from an alternative perspective, I invited countless opportunities to experiment with innovative modalities as well as powerful healing foods.

Looking back on all of the years invested in this pursuit, & the fact that I did manage to successfully reclaim my health. Its no surprise that I would ultimately; become well versed on the subject of whole/super foods. Passionately involved in the exploding so-called, "green food" industry & achieve recognition in certain holistic circles as a woman who knows her stuff... Or more specifically, "green stuff"

Bottom line, it seems that I have earned the honor of being questioned regarding my opinion. One particular question that comes up very often is: what is the beat super food choice in the "green food" category?

My answer for more than the last 20yrs has & still is unequivocally, the AFA*2 strain of wild blue green algae & for very valid reasons.

The purpose of this article is to share those reason with you.

Firstly, in order to accomplish this goal, its necessary for me to provide contrast, so that you can truly appreciate some of the fundamental differences between green foods that are cultivated as opposed to wild, as well as land-based in comparison to water based. However, because my intention here is to keep things as simple & concise as possible, I will not go into technical detail.

Cultivated, LandBased Green Foods:

Sprouted grains & grasses are good examples of nutritious, cultivated, land-based green foods, which you may consider to be a step up from traditionally, cultivated vegetables. Unlike vegetables which are usually grown conventionally, grasses & sprouted grains are always grown organically. This means that the soil in which they are grown are spared the exposure to toxic sprays & insecticides. In many instances, in order for soil to earn certification as organic, it must be free of toxic additives for seven yrs it encounters. In many instances the AFA actually becomes stronger in response to the challenge. It is the king of adaptogens. Since bacteria exchange information globally & bacteria known as friendly flora live in our gut, although not proven, perhaps it's possible that the bacterial aspect of the algae enables it to communicate with bacteria in our gut, so that we too, can benefit from this genetic survival information.

• Unlike salt water algae that are rooted at the bottom of the sea, Spirulina which is often cultivated in concrete ponds, & Chlorella which often has an indigestible cell wall that has to be processed, the AFA is a sweet water blue green algae that swims freely in pristine, Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon before it is meticulously cleaned & prepared for consumption. This is one of the only 4 places on earth where this nutrient dense strain grows wild. Klamath Lake, is where it grows in greatest abundance.

• AFA has been growing in a perfect climate, under ideal nutritional conditions existing in Klamath Lake for more that 10,000 years, & has served as a staple food for ancient civilizations that lived in this area. The thick sediment of volcanic ash that sits at the bottom of the lake, are absorbed by the algae, thus making it one of the richest, balanced, sources of assimilated minerals & trace minerals.

• AFA is considered a perfect food because it has one of the richest sources of minerals, trace minerals, chlorophyll, & amino acids. It's complete amino acid profile is the same as human blood & mothers milk.

• Because it can be described as somewhat "pre-digested", one does not have to expand very much energy to assimilate it. It is therefore a wonderful source of nourishment for sick people with compromised digestion.

• AFA, has the intelligence to nourish and strengthen years prior to using it to grow anything. No doubt, this is an excellent standard to abide by in farming.

Proponents of sprouted grains, such as wheat & barley, claim that they are a more easily digested form of grain than mature grain, with increased bioavailability of key nutrients. At the same time, it's important to note that they do require strict regulation of quality control to produce a safe product.

Grasses, such as wheatgrass*3 refers to the young grass of the common wheat plant, that is freshly juiced or dried into powder. Claims about wheatgrass' health benefits range from providing supplemental nutrition to having unique curative properties. Barley grass also has an outstanding reputation.

Both grains and grasses have high enzymatic value, they are easy to assimilate, & are supportive of good intestinal & immune health.

At the same time there are still several factors, such as richness of soil & the choice of nutritive additives used by farmers which limit their nutritional value even when they are classified with the star approval termed, "certified organic"

Wild Green Foods -Grown In Virgin Soil & Pristine Waters:

Luckily, there are green options in the realm of that which grows wild in virgin soil & pristine waters, which are not restricted by human input. Therefore, these choices offer greatness yet beyond man's best intentions to establish gold standards.

For example, there are a class of ancient, herbal plant botanical that grow wild in the Amazonian Rain Forrest soil that is totally unadulterated by man. Rare soil of this caliber is justifiably called virgin soil. Because there botanical grow in complete harmony with their environment, they instinctively know how to produce & utilize just the right amounts of various compounds called phytochemicals & glycol-nutrients in order to become strong enough to resist insect infestation, & rise above anything that threatens their existence. They have been doing this for eons. Any plant that successfully adapts to their surroundings are called adaptogens. When we as humans consume the body, in my opinion, it seems to do so in a systematic order of sequence which honors the body. Hopefully, by now, you can see why the AFA strain of blue green algae has the intelligence that only a living organism can process, thus enabling it to stand above the variety of green food choices discussed in this article, including the powerful herbal plant botanical.

Although green ingredients make excellent shakes, AFA is foundational. Spinach leaf, beet root, carrot, salad greens, alfalfa, barley, wheat grass, purple dulse, other forms of algae & herbal plant botanical, etc., are definitely of tremendous value & serve as a wonderful source of variety & color *6. I eat them as well, usually in the context of a variety of good quality green food powders, which I add to my daily raw juice/green shake blend. The critical factor is that AFA, can readily be, for the reasons sites, regarded as the foundation to which all other green selection are added.

I can & have omitted the other mentioned ingredient from my diet without consequence. The AFA is another matter. Once, a long time ago, I experimented & excluded it from my daily food intake for 40 days ( no religious experience intended), only to notice a drastic decline in my health. Other than this incident, I have been eating it for over 20yrs & will eat it for the rest of my life! It has definitely been one of the shinning stars in my health program that has helped me to achieve a life symptom-free of my former debilitating condition.

If you are already in good health, in may only help make you that much better. All that is required in order to obtain optimum results, is that you purchase a safe, clean, pure, quality product which you can trust is free of the toxin microcystin*7, eat it consistently, & find the daily amount that works for you, serves as a silent internal protector. Keep in mind that AFA has been consumed in encapsulated forms for over 2 decades & had been acknowledged for its natural anti-inflammatory & immune support benefits, as well as for its ability to improve mental clarity & mental energy *8. If you are one of the few who don't notice anything obvoius, you can still rest assured that this food will do a superlative job to nourish you deeply, serve you with these ancient green plants that are noted as adaptogens, it is theorized that we too, become stronger & better able to adapt to our environment.

One of the main points based on my experience, that I would like to stress is that there appears to be a hierarchy in perfection when it comes to understanding the criteria that someone would use to make calculated green choices.

Good, Very Good, Better, Best and Very Best:

We have one more step to climb as we work our way up the spiral from good (i.e., conventional fruits and vegetables),very good (i.e., organic fruits & vegetables) better (i.e., organic grain & grasses), best (i.e., wild herbal plant botanical), & finally to the very best, the AFA strain of wild, nutrient-dense blue green algae harvested from Upper Klamath Lake.*4

Ironically, one of the reasons why the AFA stain of blue green algae site at the top of the spiral as the very best, is because it is at the very bottom of the food chain...*5 virtually the lowest edible plant.

But this is just one of its countless attributes. Perhaps, the most efficient way to substinate my claim that it is the best super food choice, would be to highlight some of its unique qualities & benefits.

Reasons Why The AFA Strain Of Blue Green Algae Is The Very Best:

• Blue green algae is literally the oldest living, intelligent life form on the planet.
• Without algae, there would be virtually no life on the planet.
• It is responsible for producing most of the oxygen on earth even more so, than the Rain Forrest.
• Algae is a phenomenon. It is the only thing on the planet that is a member of all 3 kingdoms.
• Part plant in that it contains one of the richest sources of chlorophyll.
• Part organism in that it has a cell wall.
• Part bacteria in that it is capable of making all the necessary changes within its genetic structure, so that it can adapt to whatever challenges as a silent internal protector.

Post Notes:
• Interestingly, when the species of cyanobacteria knows as AFA is added to the capsule contents of formulas which contain live bacteria, such as acidophilus or formulas which contain enzymes, once ingested, the AFA seems potentiate the effect of both categories of nutrients.
• It increases the number of killer cells*9 which are instrumental in keeping the immune system strong.
• AFA contains certain compounds as part of the whole food such as L-selecting ligans*10 which has been identified, isolated, extracted & concentrated in order to create an innovated derivative stem cell enhancing formula*11. This has been clinically documented to help facilitate the natural release of adult stem cell from the bone marrow.

About The Writer:
Bonnie Seltzer has an M.Sc. In education studying towards a Ph.D in nutrition Sciences when she had to drop out of the program because she became sick with a serious, crippling case of MS. However, because she was highly motivated to recover from this supposedly incurable disease, she continued to study nutrition, so as to find natural answers for herself. Although she does not claim to be "cured", she does live a life free of MS symptoms as long as she lives a certain way, which includes eating a very healthy, nutrient-dense diet.

see the last words there... nutrient dense. very important! you are definitly not getting this in your conventional salad mix people. I hope you eat your veggies!
even better your nutrient dense veggies. order your own wild blue green algae...
that is what I did after reading this article in my local holistic magazine. and i am happy to share it with you.

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