Thursday, May 7, 2009

what you believe becomes your truth

I haven't had a chance to sit down to blog about my Sanoviv experience. But after two weeks there chowing down a totally raw vegan diet, I am now on vacation in south Florida where it has been easy to continue eating raw foods at yet another AMAZING place...

Hippocrates Health Institute.

Where one year ago I was accepted into their Health Educator Program but for one (regretful) reason or another... I did not go. This year it is a different story... I am going to make it happen!

Hippocrates Health Institute publishes an awesome magazine which I intend to post some of their many many great article here to share the wealth of info with you. If you like what you are reading, I encourage you to go on to their website and sign up to their mailing list and have the magazine sent directly to you for FREE. Because like this article, there are many more and I could never keep up with posting each and every one.

It Wasn't Easy Until It Was Easy

By Elaine Biskupic

People are always amazed at my choices and one question that almost every one asks is... "how can you keep eating that way?" ... "isn't that diet REALLY hard?" and today while reading this article I thought this was answer to those typical questions and a great place to start in sharing their wealthy info. Health is wealth people.

It wasn't easy making the decision to go to Hippocrates, but I did it anyway. I made a choice to leave everyone I Love to study in Florida for three months. I participated in both the Life Change Program and the Health Educator Program.

It wasn't easy learning and growing, but I did it anyway. My life was forever changed by Brian, Anna Maria , and the people I met. At graduation. I cried with gratitude that I was lucky enough to find these angels on Earth.

It wasn't easy leaving the Hippocrates nest, but I did it anyway. I went home and did my best to stay on the program. i juiced. I grew sprouts. I chopped vegetables for hours. I found a place that shipped wheat grass. I applied the knowledge I gained.

It wasn't easy changing the way I lived, but I did it anyway. My family thought I was ridiculously obsessed with food. My friends where shocked that I stopped drinking alcohol. It seemed that all of my conversations with people were about how much I had changed. I believed these changes were for the better. Not everyone agreed.

It wasn't easy staying on the Hippocrates Program, but I did it anyway. I carried a portable juicer to every place I traveled. I planned every meal and never left my home without raw food. I stayed on the program faithfully for fifteen months. I felt fantastic. My mind was sharp. My body was toned. My spirit soared. I radiated pure bliss.

It wasn't easy falling off the program, but I did it anyway. It happened while I was traveling on an unusual work assignment. I did not plan appropriately, and my emotions got the best of me. I Remember Brian telling me once that wheatgrass and green drink were essential to staying on the Hippocrates Program. I now completely understand his wisdom. Although I had stayed raw, weeks had passed since my last shot of wheatgrass and my big glass of green drink. Without the proper nutrition, my body became hungry. I started craving everything insight and became overwhelmed with a sense of deprivation.

It wasn't east lying to myself, but I did it anyway. I told myself that eating raw food was much too restrictive. I convinced myself that life is too short to miss out on the cooked food pleasures. I disregarded my natural knowing. I was at a Japanese Restaurant and started by eating rice. Rice became sushi, And sushi became me back on the road to all the unhealthy foods that I ate prior to coming to Hippocrates.

It wasn't easy making myself sick, but I did it anyway. I ate anything and everything. Occasionally, I would return to the Hippocrates Program only to fall off time and time again. I discovered that I can really hurt myself by this on again-off again cycle of raw foods. Just when my body would be cleaned out after a few weeks back on raw foods, I would eat pizza or some other fast food. My body paid a big price.

It wasn't easy going unconscious, but I did it anyway. A fog came over my mind. I numbered all of my feelings. I tuned out what I had learned at Hippocrates. I gained fifty pounds in four months. I completely disconnected with my spirit.

It wasn't easy facing my internal demons, but I did it anyway. I woke up. I stopped lying to myself. I decided to stop killing myself with the Standard American Diet and the crazy on again-off again cycle. I found a reason to live a better life.I worked hard to understand and appreciate exactly who I am. I realized that I am a better me when I am living on live food and following the Hippocrates Program.

It wasn't easy living on the Hippocrates Program until it became easy. One day I consciously and peacefully chose the raw and living food lifestyle. After all I had experienced, It became the easiest choice of all.

Many wise people have told me that what I believe becomes my truth. As long as I believed it wasn't easy to be on the Hippocrates Program, it wasn't easy. As soon as I shifted my beliefs and perspectives, the program became easy.

Armed with a completely new outlook, I started re-creating the bliss that i once experienced from the Hippocrates Program. I revisited everything I had learned from Brian, Anna Maria, and the people I had met at Hippocrates. I reread their books and reread my notes. I found an Alissa Cohen cookbook called Living on Live Foods. I became masterful at making great-tasting living foods. I never feel deprived.

The Hippocrates light inside me has been reignited. It is easy to sprout. It is east to find wheatgrass. It is easy to make green drinks. It is east to feed my body and nourish my soul in the ways I learned at Hippocrates.

Everything about the Hippocrates way of living is easy for me now. My life is easy now. The Hippocrates Program is no longer something that I do. It has become who I am.

Elaine Biskupic is a graduate of the Hippocrates Heath Educator Program.
Her email address is

Thank you Elaine... it is true.
Everything is perspective.
What you believe becomes your truth.

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  1. I too went to Hippocrates and completely changed my life. Sometimes I to myself and say that pizza or chocolate feels good in my body.
    I haven't yet chosen back to raw food. I eat raw when I feel like it. I eat chocolate when I feel like it.

    I have lots of inflammation and I feel fat. when i was "doing the program" I felt fantastic! What am I waiting for? Life is not a dress rehersal.