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russian roulette anyone?

by Keith Scott-Mumby

Would you play Russian roulette; put one bullet in a six-shooter, spin the chamber, point it at your head and then pull the trigger? It seems to me crazy to put yourself through a 1 in 6 chance of dying. I wouldn’t play even if the odds were 100 to 1 (not because I’m a coward but because I’m not stupid!)

But would you consider another version of Russian roulette in which you put 3 bullets in the chamber; then shoot? That’s a 50:50 chance of dying. Would you do that?

The reason I ask is that we are all, in effect, playing 3-bullet version of Russian roulette with cancer. Figures show that one of two men, and almost that many women, will get cancer at some time in their lives. That’s 50:50 odds… That’s why I often say to people “We are all battling cancer”. Either you, or a loved one close to you, will probably get this disease.

How to beat breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, and many more... it's easier than you think! You can laugh at cancer, if you follow the scores of scientifically proven secrets Professor Keith wants to share with you...
Cancer will come into your life. The Big C movie is coming, some day, to a cinema very close to you. Even if you don’t have the starring role, I assure you it's not funny watching someone you love slowly wither away with this disease.

The irony is that cancer is fairly preventable, and certainly in its early stages is rather easy to treat. Cancer really doesn't deserve its dread reputation. The problem is, many doctors like me believe, that orthodox therapy can be very harmful and not always satisfactory at eradicating the disease.

In fact, there are many other alternative cancer therapies practised around the world by qualified, ethical doctors in good standing. The fact these therapies are outlawed in the USA, does not mean they are not perfectly legal anywhere else – and certainly does not mean they are not effective. Many of them work really well and I would use them instead of conventional therapy for myself or my family. For example, the commonest oncology drug prescribed in Germany is a herbal homoeopathic preparation. I bet you have never heard of it!

That's why I prepared to you a comprehensive consumer report called "Cancer Confidential". It will give you details of scores of these alternative remedies and explain how they work; these are remedies that orthodox medicine would rather you never even heard about. They don’t want you to know about them because they are cheap and effective. It would affect their revenues.

But you don’t care if the oncologists get less money. What you care about is that you and your family will be able to survive cancer and live a normal life span. In fact it doesn't matter if you are opting for chemo or radiation at the same time, this report will still help you. It will show you how to reduce the side effects and make chemotherapy more likely to succeed.

We know so much about cancer today, nobody should die of this disease.

When I say "alternative" therapies, don't think I just mean whacky folk cures! I'm talking about different -- but totally scientific -- options to the deadly game of surgical mutilation, chemotherapy and radiation. These holistic methods work AT LEAST as well as accepted conventional treatment.

So why don't doctors offer these alternatives?

Doctors today are taught to view anything outside the drug industry's choke-hold on medical thinking as very suspect, or even fraudulent. They have an exclusive monopoly on what they CLAIM is the "proper" treatment for cancer.

Yet the results of orthodox medicine are deplorably bad. I know. I am a fully qualified MD (MB ChB in Britain, which is bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery). Yes, I've had my hands in people's guts and chests. But long ago, I chose the gentler and safer route of natural medicine.

That doesn't mean I abandoned science. I'm BIG on science, logic, reason and empricial testing. In fact I'm the scourge of both the orthodox lies and the "holistic" humbug that professes a superior attitude to that of doctors.

I tell it like it is. I shoot straight. After all, I'm not trying to sell you treatment or supplements. I have no motivation to tell you anything but the truth. So, if you don't want to EVER die from cancer, make sure my fabulous new comprehensive resource "Cancer Confidential" is on your desk.

What do 4 Nobel Prize winner know about cancer that most oncologists don't?

Would it surprise you to know that at least four Nobel Prize winners have made breakthroughs towards the safe, scientific treatment of cancer, without deadly chemo and radiation treatment?

Their discoveries go back over 80 years, yet their pioneer work is being ignored by modern doctors. It could be saving lives -- YOUR life, or the life of someone you love. Yet it is being suppressed. Ironically, what I rate the biggest discovery of all, about the real way to treat cancer successfully, was re-affirmed with a completely up to date scientific study that took place in Boston College and was published in a reputable scientific journal as recently as 2008 [Journal of Lipid Research.2008; 49: 2545-2556].

Another scientist, seven times nominated for the Nobel Prize, discovered a glorious food substance which literally traps the healing power of sunlight and delivers it to your body in the form of active, restorative electron energy (this is not New Age pseudo-science babble but real cutting edge knowledge, as you will see when you read the explanation in full).

Yet another doctor, a "recovered oncologist" as it were, has discovered that all cancer cases share one simple precipitating element and if this is addressed, recovery is almost certain. He has over 40,000 cases, over 90% success rate and many people alive today who were sick almost to death before he found and rescued them.

I can (and will) show you three different diet regimes that have each proven capable of bringing a patient back right from the very edge of death with terminal cancer, and putting them on the road to recovery. Not just that but the patients attained better health than ever before and many people have said they had cause to BLESS the fact that they got cancer.

You see, alternatives work -- at least as well as some chemo and often better. The pay off is that you learn true health, not just the suppression of disease.

Let me repeat, you don't necessarily have to abandon orthodox treatment. The super healing alternative strategies I describe for you are (almost all) quite compatible with other methods and will help you undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatment, without the notorious unpleasant side effects.

In "Cancer Confidential" you'll learn scores of proven, helpful techniques, which your own doctor and oncologist would definitely prefer you didn't hear about.

The Cancer Mafia

Unfortunately, the medical profession is often the last place you’d get the truth. The pharmaceutical industry and hungry, unethical doctors seeking their own gain have conspired to become what has appropriately been called the “Cancer Mafia”. They have long since departed the agenda of putting patient care first and now run their own program, which is to protect profits and destroy anyone who wants to offer alternatives to their ghastly, unsuccessful and expensive methodology.

On the weakest of science, which is easy to pick holes in, they go on cutting, poisoning and burning patients in the name of a “cure”. Yet they attack with a frenzy amounting to blind fury anything holistic, gentle and cheaper, on the grounds that it is “unproven”, “bogus” and even “dangerous”.

In fact the “War ON Cancer”, vaunted by the cancer establishment, should be renamed the “War ABOUT cancer”. There is a life and death struggle (literally) going on, for the right to tell patients the truth, openly, and let each person decide for themselves what to do. According to the AMA, FDA and other institutional bureaucracies, no-one should have the right to speak freely, except doctors entrenched in the dogma of the day. The so-called cancer charities, like the American Cancer Society are phony and clearly on the side of the Cancer Mafia, not the truth.

So I know, it’s difficult for the patient or family to know what to think, facing a blizzard of conflicting data and excesses of abusive language and criticism, most of it wrapped up in scientific jargon. That's why I wrote "Cancer Confidential", to help you make the right decisions.

This is what the "cancer war" is really about:

It’s proven time and time again that many of these alternative treatments are at least as effective as chemotherapy and radiation, with hardly any side effects.

There’s a simple piece of electronic equipment that’s been around for 80 years, and any handyman can make, that has a terrific cure rate against cancer without side effects (no, not the famous Rife machine). It was developed by a Russian genius and in 1930s there were literally hundreds of clinics all over Europe providing safe, effective cancer treatment curing many. Today you never hear of this treatment (page 129), unless you go researching.

A whole new theory of cancer was evolved by a Scottish doctor which led to a simple, safe nutritional treatment. It was wildly effective and by 1911, in London alone, there were over 40 clinics offering this treatment (page 64).

But it simply vanished. Marie Curie’s radium “cure” was invented and simple natural remedies were swept aside. Ironically Marie Curie’s method is now known to be one of the main CAUSES of cancer, yet doctors go on using it. They hope to kill the tumor just before they kill the patient (and don't always get it right).

You might think the Scottish doctor’s treatment must have vanished altogether and you would be nearly right. But in 1967 a US dentist repeated the same success and showed the world a whole safe new approach to cancer. He cured himself on one of the most deadly cancers and went on to live over 30 years beyond his “sell by” date.

But this brilliant dentist was attacked violently for daring to go up against the Cancer Mafia and finally quit. Even that’s not the end of the story. A young researcher took up the case in the 1980s. I'll tell you that story in more detail lower down the page.

So what is the matter with my conventional colleagues? Why can’t they see the truth staring them down?

The answer, of course, is money. John Beard’s treatment cost just a few dollars, compared to $100,000s for the “correct” treatment. What self-respecting oncologist would give up all that income, just because it was in the patient’s best interest? (sorry to sound cynical but that’s the profession today).

It’s such a greedy, voracious, money-gobbling machine I know of cases where the patients have even been diagnosed fraudulently as having cancer, so the hospital can make money by treating them (since the treatment unquestionably kills some patients, this is tantamount to murder in any other profession).

Oncologists don’t have your interested at heart. In one case I know a doctor had cured a cancer patient. Instead of being happy about it, the oncologist made an official complaint, because it lost him over $300,000 in fees. The doctor was run out of town; in fact he was run out of the country. He can no longer practice medicine safely in the USA.

You couldn’t make this up; you’d be laughed at! It’s worse than the lurid tales in tabloid papers, like the National Enquirer or News Of The World.

But beware the alternatives too !

Unfortunately, the alternative cancer field is also seething with bogus cures and claims, especially if viewed from the Internet. It is clear to anyone knowledgeable that a great many people, totally unqualified, are indeed “cashing in”, exactly as the orthodox critics claim. If there is one thing worse than a dangerous doctor, after 7 years of training, then it’s a dangerous amateur, with NO training.

That’s where Cancer Confidential comes in. It’s been a massive project in assembling data on numerous aspects of cancer alternatives, the clinics and the people involved that are, according to my review, both credible and effective. I’ve sifted the wheat from the chaff and offer it to you as good intellectual nourishment!

I’m a regular MD (trained at a medical school in the UK); I’ve been professor at two universities; I’ve treated patients just shy of 40 years, using exclusively alternative and holistic methods, including cancer patients, of course. Many of them are still alive and well. Some just died of natural causes—we all have to go sometime.

And so I consider myself to be a person well qualified to walk you through the cancer cure minefield, without getting your legs blown off.

I’m now retired from practice and so not trying to solicit you as a patient. Nor am I intending to sell you any supplements or products on which I earn money. That’s important to you. Because it means I am free to tell it like it is! The truth.

Cancer Confidential is a major contribution to knowledge in this field and I hope you will find it helpful. It’s jam packed with information never before assembled all in one document. Not only that but there is a resources supplement to follow, linking you with numerous centers for treatment, the therapies and remedies you are looking for.

Not a death knell, but it is a wake up call!

It’s one of my sayings that cancer is not a death knell. It’s a wake-up call, telling you your health is in bad shape. You need to do something or you may well perish.

But your choices are many and varied. There are SCORES of approaches that have all had successful outcomes for those who have gone before you. In "Cancer Confidential" I’ll tell you all about them.

You know what? Cancer isn’t that difficult to conquer. But you can only do so by taking the right action and plucking out the underlying cause of the problem. Chemo and radiation therapy are chosen by some. There is argument about the toxicity and dubious worth of these toxic therapies.

But this is my contribution to the debate: the most deadly thing that is wrong with orthodox medicine is not what it DOES, but what it does not do. My conventional colleagues never seem interested into getting to the bottom of WHY a person gets cancer and fixing that (they don’t really know why, for one thing).

Yet there is always a cause. Cancer is not a loser’s lottery. Cancer has reasons, the same as anything else on God’s Earth. You just have to find the real reason and fix it.

"Cancer Confidential" is a living, breathing work!

It's a work in progress. It needs to be. The whole field is changing so rapidly. You will be receiving regular upgrade issues (always free). Just like software! There will be a version 2.0, 3.0 and so on! All you have to do is download the latest update! Nice!

Cancer Confidential" is your user-friendly map and visitors guide to find your way around and get to the cure you or a loved one so desperately need.

You need to move out of the "battlefield mentality". By that I mean thinking that cancer is the enemy and has to be smashed, burnt and destroyed at all costs. In open warfare like that it's always the battlefield that comes off worst. Think of the pictures of mud and blasted trees in the World War I trenches!

Trouble is, YOUR BODY is the battlefield. You don't want it to end up looking like no-man's land, do you? There is a better, less confrontational way.

I have to keep reminding patients that cancer isn't some alien object dropped by a UFO from outer space. The cancer is YOU. It's part of your body that has gone off the rails and is behaving differently.

If you correct the reasons why this happened, the cancer tissues will go back to normal. It happens a lot. In fact it happens far more than doctors realize and a very powerful recent paper in a peer-reviewed top scientific journal [The Archives of Internal Medicine, Dec 2008] showed conclusively that if doctors left well alone that many cancers would resolve on their own.

I'll tell you the whole story and torrents more amazing and factual secrets that nobody has been telling you. You are being denied the real story... till now!
As you can see, I speak from science, not whimsy and wishful thinking. "Cancer Confidential" is a crystal clear stream or real, workable knowledge. Not an ounce of fluff in it.

Don’t let fear get to you. As I hinted just now, it’s probably easier to cure cancer (in its earlier stages) than it is to cure the common cold. Even when it’s more advanced, there is plenty you can do. Just don’t panic and let doctors railroad you into fast regrettable decisions.

They try and come on to with the “You only have so many weeks-months- etc” lie, just to frighten you. It’s criminal. As super oncologist Dr Mitchell Gaynor points out: 'Those doctors don't even know when they're going to die, so how do they know when you're going to die?’

Sometimes it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy; the patient dies right on cue, because the doctor said that would happen. It’s irresponsible and does not fit with my understanding of what a doctor should be doing. It must stop. The truth is doctors so often get it wrong. Patients abound who are alive five, ten, twenty years after their supposed demise.

What these doctors are saying is THEY don’t know what to do. But that doesn’t mean nobody else does! Duh!

Let me give you an example here;
A cancer alternative doctor was allowed a short list of 11 terminal hospital patients with pancreatic cancer (at diagnosis, this tumor has an average survival time of just 6 weeks). Yet using enzyme therapy, which I explain in detail in this guide, nine (81%) lived one year, 5 lived two years (45%), 4 lived three years (36%) and two have lived longer than four years.

Now compare that with a study published at about the same time, of the newly approved drug Gemcitabine. Of 126 patients with pancreatic cancer not a single patient lived longer than 19 months and yet that was considered a “successful” drug. It’s being sold today as the “proper” treatment for pancreatic cancer.

Well, if faced with disaster, I wouldn’t take Gemcitabine. I’d want the 45- 81% option, not the 0% option, wouldn’t you?

I hope you are getting the picture here! Do not listen to the propaganda about conventional treatment. It comes nowhere near the success rate of certain properly run alternative therapies. Yet they call that science. They claim alternatives are “not scientific” or “not proven”, or even sillier “dangerous”!

Ha! I mean what can be more dangerous than chemo and radiation. The whole reason it works (if ever it does) is they stop JUST SHORT of killing you, while killing the tumor. We call that the toxicity index or therapeutic margin and it really is as crude as I just explained it.

"Of course, it's in the interests of the cancer industry to keep everybody completely misinformed about cancer cures. They can't afford to let you learn the truth about how easy it is to cure cancer. Cancer cures are so commonplace now that you'd have to actually make a conscious effort not to see them."
-Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

If you are involved with cancer, or concerned in any way through family or friends, you need to act. As I said, we are ALL facing this issue at some time or other, so you had better be concerned.

You need this life-saving information. Everyone around you needs it. Cancer Confidential is your easy-to-read, informative guide. It’s written in a personal style by a great communicator, who just happens to be one of the most knowledgeable individuals on Earth about alternative medicine.

It’s loaded with good things, ideas, information you won’t get elsewhere and guidance in deciding what your options are.

I’m known as a good writer who explains things really well, in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand. I run everything past my wife Vivien and she’s a fashion designer, with no scientific training whatever. So don’t worry: Vivien is watching out for your side of things!

Chemo or “natural”?

Let me address that vexed question of whether to opt for chemo or radiation “Just in case”. I understand this dilemma. At times it can be frightening, with the feeling that if you make a wrong choice, that could be the end…

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that I don’t tell you not to go the orthodox route. That’s just irresponsible. You get that from amateur fools on the Internet who just go “Oh My Gawd. You’re doing chemo?” as if it were a dirty vice.

If you choose chemo, good luck.

People do survive who have chemo. Some live the rest of their natural lives. But it is RISKY; there is no getting round that. If it doesn’t work, it screws up your other options, by poisoning out the immune system and other defences you so vitally need to beat off cancer naturally.

So to help you with this awful dilemma, I spend a lot of time telling you what can do to protect yourself against chemo and radiation.

My patients who opted for chemo didn’t even lose their hair! But they did beat the disease. And no, vitamins and other alternatives won’t affect the treatment. That’s just a scare story put about by oncologists who don’t like competition. I will tell you the truth on that story too—direct from the most up-to-date scientific studies.

And that brings me to another point. You’re not buying into a bunch of opinions, fluffy pink thoughts or the “wish” that it would all come out right. I’m not into fairy stories. Everything I write is based on direct experience and years of studying scientific papers.

As I said, I’ve done the grunt work. Now all you have to do is get this manual and read it. You can get a fast education in cancer and lifetime survival from right there in your armchair (better switch the TV off, though).

Amazing recoveries

Doctor’s don’t like stories; not even success stories. They call them “anecdotal reports” and imply it’s some kind of fraud. In fact all medical discoveries begin as anecdotal stories.

Once upon a time (October 16th, 1846, to be precise), dental surgeon William T.G. Morton administered ether to Gilbert Abbott, a printer who had come to the Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment of a vascular tumor in his jaw. The tumor was removed successfully and Abbott felt nothing.

That was the start of anesthetics. One of the defining moments of modern medicine. But it was just an anecdotal case. No scientific double-blind trails there! Doctors just got on with it ever after (in fact Dr. Crawford Williamson Long was first but he didn’t publish till 1848 and my research tells me the VERY first was a Japanese doctor in 1804, operating on breast cancer--but he didn't use ether).

So don’t worry about "just stories". They are great to hear and encouraging. They tell you what can be done. You get something to aim for. Like this story:

"Ethyl had large tumors taking over the breast, sticking out from her skull, and protruding from her body in general. The largest was the one in the left breast which was the size of a big man’s fist.

She did have one crucial thing going for her, Ethyl was a feisty Irish redhead who still had a will to live, and a reason to do so.[After following a naturopathic detox regime] her eyesight returned, at first seeing only outlines, and then details. ... All the tumors had been reabsorbed by her body and were no longer visible, her heart was able to support normal activity such as walking, and non-strenuous household chores, and her diabetes had corrected itself to the point that she no longer required insulin and was able to control her blood sugar with diet."

How did she turn it around and retreat from the very jaws of death? Starting with a modified fast, using wheatgrass, juice etc. excerpted from the book “How And When To Be Your Own Doctor” written by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser.

Now it is my duty to point out that people recover using conventional therapies too. Survival stories abound of those who have been through the horrors or chemotherapy and radiation, feeling sick, vomiting, losing their hair.. It's not nice but it does sometimes work.

So my eReport is NOT about persuading you that you shouldn't do chemo. It is about telling you what your choices are. Because nobody is going to tell you, if you don't find out for yourself. I have assembled masses of information about the many options you have. But it's not overwhelming. I haven't gone into the nitpicky detail, like doses of vitamins.
It's the overall picture, the business plan instead of the detailed invoice, if you like to think of it that way.

At the end of the day, everyone with any disease is just a “story”, an anecdote. He or she is NOT an average, which is all that so-called scientific studies can measure. They can’t turn an individual into a statistic, so the individual gets lost in the masses.
But each story is different and you don’t see that when you only look at statistics. So stories are actually very valuable indeed. They are the heart and soul of enquiry and the very essence of discovery and innovation.

You can be in no doubt what my guide is about, what it covers and what value it has to you. It's simply the finest there is out there. It's one of the VERY FEW written by a recognized, authoritative MD with direct experience of treating cancers with alternative therapies.
I no longer run an office but you can benefit from my vast experience, now, TODAY..
So it’s time to buy "Cancer Confidential" your ultimate eReport on state of the art cures for cancer...

Your Safety Guarantee

You'll be completely satisfied with your purchase. Otherwise just ask for your money back. You'll be refunded; no quibbles.
It’s only $37 attractive downloadable pdf format

NOTE: you are not buying a "book", or even a PDF file; you are buying a REPORT which continuously updates itself with FREE upgrades. This is a new and generous offer; we have never seen any other publishers make this offer. You would have to pay for a new book every few weeks if the report was in any other format. We want to be sure you understand this!

Cancer Confidential is a good friendly read. Your author is an internationally-acclaimed MD professor, who has been a leader in alternative medicine since the late 1970s.
He's used a great many of the therapies he writes about with over 10,000 patients and spent time with other cancer MD colleagues observing their methods.
It's a living, breathing work that will grow through time. You can have lifetime updates; no need to pay again, just download the latest version!

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