Wednesday, June 24, 2009

healthy water... healthy body

are you acidic ???

"The cells and fliuds of most people's bodies are overly acidic. This can cause a lot of health problems. It prevents your body from netralizing and desposing harmful, poisonious toxins and leaves you more suseptable to the cell damaging, free redical oxidations that leads to cancer and other diseases."

"Just about every condition I can think of from arthritis to diabetes, to cancer is associated with acidity"
Dr. Robert Atkins, Author, Diet and Health Expert

Chronic disease is always chronic acidity. For example cancer does not exist unless or until the intestinal fluid becomes acidic. Aging is also a process of the body becoming more and more acidic, which results in digestive problems, low energy levels and dehydration

Do you have any of these symptoms?

Poor circulation
Leg cramps
Chronic fatigue
Malabsorbtion of nutrition
Leaky gut syndrome
Chronic constipation chronic diarrhea
Abnormal GI fermentation
High blood pressure
Premature aging
A history of chronic disease

The Ionizer Plus® Ultraviolet Disinfection, Ionization is the BEST water system out there I can find. Not only does it filter the water with out stripping it from the essential minerals which then makes your water acidic. The Ionizing, disinfecting and alkalizing process makes for it superior to all other systems. Compare fuction to function and price to price and nothing will compare to the Akai Electrolizer.

Did you know that when you use a system like reverse osmosis but stripping out the minerals you are actually making the water more acidic?

Optimum Health Begins With Healthy Water

The Ionizer Plus® is a unique combination of an advanced water ionization system AND a state-of-the-art water filtration system.

The ionized water restores proper acid / alkaline balance to your system, detoxifies and hydrates the body, improves digestion and elimination, and fights aging.

Its superior water filter removes contaminants, chlorine, chemicals, and bacteria including e. coli, giardia, cryptosporidium, SARS, and anthrax and other biological weapons bacteria. Ultraviolet rays remove viruses. The Ionizer Plus® is the most advanced combination water ionizer and water filter available anywhere in the world.

More health practitioners recommend the Ionizer Plus® than any other water treatment device.

The cost of this system breaks down to 12 cents per gallon! Now why buy plastic bottles of water that are toxic to drink and harm our environment? when you can have the BEST water at you fingertips for less money than any bottled water.

High Tech Health International, Inc. has been solving digestive problems for customers around the world since 1995 -- no other company has our depth of knowledge and experience. We now have over 4000 health practitioners that refer their patients to us.

If your doctor diagnised you with chronic heartburn, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, malabsorption, or the myriad of problems associated with digestion... The electrolyzer helps the body reverse these problems -- all with a thirty day, 100% money-back guarantee (less shipping). Give them a call now and start feeling better soon.

Regarding the Ionizer Plus: besides producing water with a pH as high as 10, the alkaline water machine produces water that is "wetter," more permeable and more soluble by using electricity to break apart individual water molecules that normally cluster together. Additionally, the Ionizer Plus makes minerals in the water more readily available to the body by ionizing them to a smaller size that can be absorbed more easily. Even with filter changes every 1-2 years, over the lifetime of the machine, the Ionizer Plus produces chemical- and microorganism-free water at a cost of approximately 12 cents/gallon over its 12-14 year lifetime! Please note: The Ionizer Plus is not designed for use with a water softener.

The Ionizer Plus water electrolyzer is $1595 + $30 shipping within the contiguous U.S. (call us for shipping quotes elsewhere). Additionally, you will receive a $300 discount if you were referred by one of their 4000+ referring practitioners.

Features of the Ionizer Plus®
• Ionizes, disinfects AND filters water

• 3-stage activated carbon filter

• Hollow fiber micro-filtration to .1 microns

• Disinfects cryptosporidium, E-coli, & Giardia Lamblia

• Unit performs self diagnosis

• 3 water settings (alkaline, acidic, purified)

• Adjustable ph level (4 settings)

• 1.5 gallons per minute

• Self-cleaning

• Filter replacement & excess flow indicators

• Installs in minutes; just attach to faucet

• One button switch from alkaline to acidic water

Health Benefits of the Ionizer Plus®:

• Creates healthy, mineral-rich, alkaline water

• Decreases over-acidity, which causes disease

• Aids in detoxification

• Anti-oxidant action prevents free-radicals from attacking healthy cells

• Cleanses the digestive tract and significantly improves digestion

• Aids in absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals

• Superior hydration, improves overall health, aging, athletic performance and energy

• Removes contaminants, bacteria & viruses from the water


• Provides Alkaline or Acidic water with the touch of a button

• Acidic water improves skin and hair; and relieves acne, psoriasis and other conditions

The Ionizer is easily installed and attaches right to your kitchen faucet.

Five-year warranty

Replacement Filter available (Filter lasts approximately 1600 gallons/6000 liters)

For more information contact:

Ian Sievewright
Product Specialist High Tech Health International, Inc.


  1. Major brands of water compare ionizers compared and reviewed, by performance, durability, manufacturer, importer. Jupiter, Tyent, KYK, Life and Enagic ionizers.

  2. Thank you! It is always great to compare anything you are buying. But... this comparisson doesn't compare the some of the top Brands such as Kagen and Akai. Just looking at the comparison I feel that Akai is up there with the best if not better. And nothing is better than knowing first hand. I have the Akai and we LOVE it! And I feel it is better than Kagen because it is not an MLM or pryamid business which Kagen is.