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cancer cured naturally… a true story

This is a true story about my friend Tom’s journey in curing his prostate cancer NATURALLY. I met Tom while at my stay at Sanoviv Medical Institute. Tom had gone there looking for answers to his uncurable cough and chest rash that he had for months prior.

For those of you who do not know… Sanoviv is the hospital of the future. It is a full functioning hospital with medical doctors who utilize all “traditional” medicine while integrating an alternative approach to achieve optimal wellness. Sanoviv practices functional medicine which uses in depth diagnostics to get to the root causes of illness or disease. “There is no place like it in the world”, as quoted by Dr Christiane Northrup.

In addition, while at Sanoviv, you will NEVER feel as if you were in a “hospital”. You might compare it to a 5 star vacation. All rooms are incredible ocean front rooms overlooking the thalasso pools, the pacific ocean and the beautiful tranquil grounds. Take a virtual tour at Or my April blog post as to why I choose Sanoviv titled “why sanoviv” at

At Sanoviv, the program for any one is a detox immune building program. Which is very important for everyone, not just people with an illness. The program consists of your own personal doctor, nutritionist, psycho therapist, fitness instructor, chiropractor and dentist. Who all meet together to discuss you and treat you as a whole... Body Mind Spirit. You can read the specific program details at my blog post “my program” at

Everyone receives their individualized program including a supplement program based on your personal lab results upon check in. You will reciece incredible detoxifying spa treatments daily. Every meal is prepared for you, as per your doctors orders, which consists of a raw organic vegetarian diet with some cooked fish, eggs (for some, not for me since I am vegan) and sometimes, very minimal slightly cooked vegetables along with wheat grass juice twice a day, green juice drinks twice a day and lemon juice with cayenne pepper every morning. For more details on the diet read my blog post “the sanoviv diet” at

Yes… Sanoviv is an incredible place but… Sanoviv did NOT cure Tom’s cancer... Tom did. How did Tom do this? By choosing to make a conscious choice to be responsible for his choices and most improtant to his body.

One important mention is that Tom is a incredible lovely man for sharing his story with us. And Tom has an incredibly smart head on his shoulders. He is a fantastic internet researcher as well, as I was told by his beautiful wife Leanna. Tom also is a scientific based believer and quite frankly from what I gather he had more faith in the medical world than the alternative healing world. But as his journey of health has just begun, I would like to think, he now personally knows that we really are what we eat and you CAN heal your self by the foods we eat which will detoxify your body and build your immune system. He said to me, “I was shocked that it worked and how fast it worked. Well the “work” was all you Tom, and it paid off!

What exactly did Tom do to heal his prostate cancer naturally?

Raw Organic Vegan Diet
NO Gluten and NO Dairy
Prostate90 Cleanse
Prostate90 follow up program
Pomegranate juice daily,
Essiac tea twice daily,
Lemon juice daily with the cayenne pepper
Walking exercise
Daily meditation each morning.

Nutritional Supplement / Breakfast - Dinner
Mega Antioxidant (Mega AO) / 2 - 2
Chelated Mineral (Multi Mineral) / 2 - 2
Active Calcium / 2 - 2
Proflavanol 90 / 1 - 1
Coquinone 400 (SANOVIV) / 1 - 1
Palmetto Plus / 2 - 2
Biomega-3 / 2 - 2

The following is “Tom Fisher’s Prostate Journey” written by Tom Fisher himself. This is not just a random story off the internet. This is a true story by my friend Tom. How he believed in himself and was diligent in his program and gave natural medicine a chance to work BEFORE doing what his traditional doctors recommended. Even though he may have thought that the natural medicine might work and in the back of his mind he was preparing himself for the fact that he will have to do as the traditional Doctors told him. As do many others simply for the reason that they trust that their doctors would tell them if it worked. And with that said they are left not knowing their options and now, Thanks to Tom, they can see for themselves.

The proof is in the pudding… all of Tom’s PSA, testosterone and biopsy tests results are included and you can really see him making his progress. Here’s to you Tom! Hopefully this information will inspire others to also choose to change their life. As you mentioned to me how this has changed your life forever.

Thank you Tom… much love!

Tom Fisher’s Prostate Journey
By Tom Fisher

December 25, 2008: I started feeling bad and developing a cough. As the weeks rolled on I developed a rash across my chest and the cough became so bad I had difficulty having a conversation without stopping to cough. Any physical activity would cause me to cough and I had no energy. I visited various doctors six times over the next several weeks without any help in finding a cause. I knew about the SANOVIV Medical Clinic in Mexico and after much conversation with my wife decided now was the time to go. Within two weeks of our visit there, they cleared the symptoms I had been having but then came the big surprise.

Monday, April 20, 2009: Arrive Sanoviv and started the program. On Monday the 27th I received news from Dr. Meza that my Total PSA number taken this day was 8.6 ng/mL (From Wikipedia: The Hybritech Tandem-R PSA test released in February 1986, was based on a study that found 99% of 472 apparently healthy men had a total PSA level below 4 ng/mL—the upper limit of normal is much less than 4 ng/mL). Dr. Meza felt this was an indicator for prostate cancer and should be followed by a free PSA test for confirmation. There had been no indication of problem from the Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) and the prostate gland seems to be normal in size though ultrasound had found a few calcium deposits which were considered normal. At this time I was at SANOVIV eating primarily a raw vegetarian diet with some cooked fish, eggs and minimal cooked vegetables along with wheat grass juice, green drinks and lemon juice with cayenne pepper every morning.

Monday, April 27, 2009: The free PSA test confirmed the cancer marker was valid. The number was 0.57 ng/mL (0 – 14 ng/mL indicate a 64% probability of cancer, 15 – 24 ng/mL indicates a 37% and >25% indicates 10% or less probability). Wikipedia explains most PSA in the blood is bound to serum proteins. A small amount is not protein bound and is called free PSA. In men with prostate cancer the ratio of free (unbound) PSA to total PSA is decreased. The risk of cancer increases if the free to total ratio is less than 25%, the lower the ratio the greater the probability of prostate cancer. Measuring the ratio of free to total PSA appears to be particularly promising for eliminating unnecessary biopsies in men with PSA levels between 4 and 10 ng/mL. My ratio was 0.57/8.6 = 6.63%, much less than the 25%. Dr. Meza recommended a prostate biopsy to confirm or rule out prostate cancer.

Saturday, May 2, 2009: Biopsy was performed at SANOVIV by Dr. Fernando Mercado.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009: Results from biopsy confirmed prostate cancer but appeared to be contained to the lower part of the prostate. The pathology report rated my cancer at a Gleason 4(2+2) however; Dr. Meza stated that in the United States this number would be considered higher than in Mexico. The team of SANOVIV doctors recommended a radical prostatectomy and suggested I contact a doctor in the states within a month of returning home. They felt this would be the safest protocol. The pathology report rated my cancer at a Gleason 4(2+2). I continued to receive various treatments including ozone blood treatments, colonics, IV therapies, supplements and multiple other wonderful treatments and medication classes.

Sunday, May 10, 2009: We returned home from SANOVIV. I immediately started researching everything I could about treatment options. I considered the various alternative cures which included Cayenne Pepper, Essiac Tea, Cleansing and supplements published in the Prostate90 book (Prostate Health in 90 Days by Larry Clapp). I continued to take my nutritional supplements and follow the SANOVIV diet a closely as possible. I decided to try the Cayenne pepper treatment first. It consisted of working up to 1 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper in an 8 oz glass of warm water; it took two days to get to the full teaspoon. I did this three times each day for about 2 ½ weeks until my stomach started bothering me too much. I also ordered twelve bottles of ESSIAC tea and I ordered a kit with all of the essential items to follow the recommended program outlined in the Prostate90 book.

I also researched everything I could about classic treatment options including surgery (I dismissed this option quickly because of the negative effects on sexual function), Proton Beam Therapy which seems to have the least negative side effects (I checked at Midwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute at Indiana University and Loma Linda University Medical Center - Proton Treatment Center both of which would require a two month stay near the location for daily treatments.), High Dose Radiation (HDR) Brachytherapy (I check at Seattle Prostate Institute for HDR and Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City.) and Low Dose Radiation (LDR) Brachytherapy (I mostly did online research on seed implants which I understand can have serious consequences if the seeds move). At this time I really felt like I would have to pursue one of these treatments and HDR seemed to be the most desired locally so I contacted Huntsman Cancer Institute, Jonathan D. Tward, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology because the obstacle of long stays hundreds of miles away seemed too big to overcome. I had my pathology slides from Mexico forwarded to Dr. Tward for evaluation but continued my alternative cures including a primarily raw foodist diet.

Thursday, May 28, 2009: Doctor Harsh Thaker, MD of Huntsman Cancer Institute reported his evaluation of the slides received from SANOVIV. The Gleason score was 4+4=8. This report was forwarded to Dr. Tward of Huntsman Cancer Institute with a copy to me.

Friday, June 05, 2009: Traveled to Salt Lake and met with Dr. Tward. He said my Gleason score was an 8 and indicated this was an aggressive cancer. We spent about 3 hours talking about various options including alternate therapies. He told me of pomegranate juice research done at Stanford University showing dramatic slowing of PSA increases with prostate patients. We decided on a course of action. I would have a bone scan and MRI done the next week at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. I would try whatever alternate therapies I chose for the next three months with monthly monitoring of my “PSA” along with “testosterone”. Assuming no radical change “up” then in three months we would do another biopsy and evaluate. If cancer was still there at same level or worse, the program would be Brachytherapy seed implant with 5 weeks of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). – That day, I committed to a “raw foodist” lifestyle. I would try pomegranate Juice, 8 to 16 oz per day, continue with Essiac tea, consider more cayenne pepper tea, do the 8 day cleanse ordered and follow the prostate90 program as closely as possible. Dr. Tward ordered the PSA and testosterone tests which came back with a PSA reading of 2.3 ng/mL, much lower than expected.

Sunday, June 07, 2009: Following is a list of the nutritional supplements I am taking:

Nutritional Supplement/ Breakfast - Dinner
Mega Antioxidant (Mega AO) / 2 - 2
Chelated Mineral (Multi Mineral) / 2 - 2
Active Calcium / 2 - 2
Proflavanol 90 / 1 - 1
Coquinone 400 (SANOVIV) / 1 - 1
Palmetto Plus / 2 - 2
Biomega-3 / 2 - 2

Thursday, June 18, 2009: I started my Prostate90 8-Day Ultimate Cleanse. Leanna and I went to Salt Lake City on June 9th and spent the night in the VA parking lot. I had a full body bone scan and pelvis MRI on the morning of Wednesday at the University of Utah Radiology. The results of the bone scan showed no sign of cancer in my bones. It did show areas of arthritis in my left ankle (the one that gives me a lot of pain when I walk or run), lower back (area I broke at age 13), in the center of my neck (I have regular pain there to my left shoulder) and my right AC joint (Right shoulder joint where I don’t have any pain). The MRI did show the cancer in the prostate as well as signs of BPH. The cancer did not show complete encapsulation as there were some “soft” edges. I didn’t have a physician’s interpretation yet but I assume these were areas of particular concern for cancer spreading. I did think these tests Dr. Tward ordered were a lot more thorough than are usually done so I probably am getting a lot of detail many men don’t get. I continued to take Essiac tea, pomegranate juice twice daily, morning lemon juice with cayenne pepper and managed to stay on the raw food diet for 13 days with two exceptions. I ate two cooked frog legs at the family reunion since they were my idea and I was cooking them and then when we went to dinner with relatives. I ate a bowl of cooked vegetables without any noodles or meat at the Mongolian Grill, overall feeling great and not hungry. I lost some weight and under 148 pounds.

Thursday, July 2, 2009: I’ve been 98% Raw Vegan since May, Gluten and Dairy free for 6 weeks, Vegetarian since early May. (My Gluten / Dairy results came back showing I am very gluten and dairy sensitive). I did the Prostate90 Cleanse In June and still trying to do the Prostate90 follow up program consistently. I drink the pomegranate juice daily, Essiac tea twice daily, lemon juice daily with the cayenne pepper, and now trying to get some walking exercise. I’m doing my daily meditation each morning. The following numbers really have encouraged me to stay with the program:

PSA Testosterone
Original at Sanoviv (April) 8.6 (H) ng/mL556 ng/dL
6/1/20092.4 ng/mLN/A
6/8/20092.3 ng/mL519 ng/dL
7/1/20091.8 ng/mL721 ng/dL (H)

I’m not sure what the interplay between PSA and Testosterone is but the cancer doctor thinks it’s important. This is the first time in my life I’ve registered a High Testosterone reading. I’m still hoping for a PSA of .8 by September 1.

Thursday, September 10, 2009: Yeah! I did achieve the 0.8 goal by September but better than that I just received the biopsy report below:
PSA Testosterone
Original at Sanoviv (April) 8.6 (H) ng/mL 556 ng/dL
6/1/2009 2.4 ng/mL N/A
6/8/2009 2.3 ng/mL 519 ng/dL
7/1/2009 1.8 ng/mL 721 ng/dL (H)
7/31/2009 1.2 ng/mL 499 ng/dL
9/3/2009 0.8 ng/mL 449 ng/dL

Biopsy Report:
Note: Each of the below consists of two samples for a total of twelve samples taken.
Microscopic Examination Performed.
*Comment: Immunohistochemical studies were performed at ARUP laboratories with appropriate controls. K903 and P63 highlights basal cells of benign glands,

Yes, that’s right! Doctor says get another PSA test in 6 months. No cancer found!! Thanks to prayer, raw food diet, alternative cures and supplements.

I might point out that the doctor at SANOVIV still doesn't consider the cancer in remission yet because the time is too short which is good because it means I have to stay on the program for a least a couple of years. After that it should be an established life style.
Which means...

This is a lifetime program to prevent reoccurrence!

I will try to respond to any questions.

Best Regards,

Tom Fisher


  1. What an intersting story. I was wondering how things were going with you Tom? Kind regards Moni

  2. Moni... Thank you for your comment. Tom is doing well... As you probably read, this will be a life long process of prevention. Something ever one should seriously consider.

    Do you know what the cancer odds are? For men, it is 1 out of 2 and for women it is 1 out of 3 women will get cancer at some point in their life. So basically... flip a coin! getting educated you can prevent cancer just by making conscious choices.

    Read "The China Study" it is one of the BEST book ever written about nutrition and is backed by 27 years of scientific research and proves you can turn cancer on and off just by diet choice. And my friend Tom is living proof.

    Tom is doing well and has moved his focus from curing his cancer to becoming a real estate agent. I am positive all of his hard work will pay off in real estate.... as it did for his prostate cancer.

    again... thank you for your comment!

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